WEIHAN KFB2.0 3D Printer Controller Board Ramps1.4 Motherboard Main Control Module Arduino LCD2004 LCD12864 LCD1602 Compatible

Color: black
Power input: 12V~40V 
Support motor drive quantity: 5 
Support motor drive type: A4988, DEV8825, 
Support control panel: LCD2004, LCD12864, LCD1602, touch screen 
Compile environment: Arduino IDE 
Firmware: Marlin
Screw size: 94.56*94.56
Product size: 100*100mm 

Package Information:
Package size:98 x 70 x 25mm/3.86 x 2.76 x 0.98in
Package Weight:50g/1.76oz
Poly Bag Package

Package Included:
1 x KFB2.0 Master Board 

1.Do not charge the main board to connect or replace the interface operation of each module (except SD, USB) 
2.Please note the positive and negative poles of the connection 
3.Please check before connecting 3 wires to make sure that the interface is correct so as not to damage the main board 
4.Do not touch the motherboard with wet hands 
5.In case of emergency, please press the RESET reset button on the main board or disconnect the power supply in time. 

Product Features

  • 1.Power buck chip uses XL1509 chip with high efficiency, good stability, short-circuit protection function.
  • 2.USB serial chip uses CH340T chip, the largest 2Mbps, communication stability, no packet loss, to solve the streamlined version of the Windows driver can not install the problem, support for a full range of Windows, MAC, Linux operating system.
  • 3.The processor adopts tamega2560 chip, and the 54 outputs meet the output interfaces.
  • 4.The hot bed MOS tube uses a F8736 chip, with maximum 18A current, without heating and ulfimaker, with the same solution using the Wj500V type wiring terminal,Larger size, easier wiring, and strong durability.
  • 5.Tantalum capacitor filter, acquisition temperature, anti-interference, more accurate.

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