V Groove Bearings,20pcs V-shape Groove Wheel 5mm Bore 625 Bearing Pulley Accessories for CNC 3D Printer

Main Material: POM
Shape: V groove
Bearing Type: 625
Inner Diameter: 5mm
Quantity: 20pcs
Weight: 253g(approx.)

Package Includes:
20 x Wheels

Product Features

  • ❤Made of high quality POM material, these wheels are durable and sturdy
  • ❤Wheels have good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially have great wear-resistance
  • ❤The bearings of these wheel are 625, with a 5mm inner diameter
  • ❤There are total 20 pieces of wheels in one set, which you may use for many projects
  • ❤They are normally used for 3D printers, CNC machines and many other machines

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