The Most Reliable, Translucent Green PLA Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printing and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance* 3D Printer Filament 1KG

Our Translucent Green PLA filament 1.75mm is an easy to print with, biodegradable material. PLA filament is especially pure which means it prints at lower temperatures than other 3D filament. It also means no blocking, popping or jams. Like all 3D printer filament, we’ve tested our Translucent Green PLA 1.75mm filament extensively to ensure layer-to layer bonding is exceptional, and layer separation isn’t something you ever need to worry about. Why use PLA 1.75mm 1KG filament? • Easy to print with (100% Reliable Printing Guaranteed) • Long-term biodegradable • Produces no fumes • Surprisingly strong • No heated bed necessary • Comes in a wide range of colours How to use? • Printing temperature around 180-210°C (start at lowest temp) • Heated bed not necessary, but temperature around 40/50°C if preferred • Use blue painters tape or glue stick on the bed for adhesion What’s included? • PLA 1.75mm 1KG filament, spool measuring – 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole • Vacuum sealed in foil with desiccant (just in case) • Our specially designed box that converts into a spool holder • Unique resealable foil storage bag to keep filament fresh • Instructions and tips card • An unmatched 60 day money back guarantee • Chance to win amazing prizes We’re not just interested in supplying outstanding quality, ultra reliable filament either; we’re hot on customer service. That means fast delivery, hassle free returns and a personal service with a smile. Any questions? Get in touch – our customer service ninjas are waiting to help! Live chat available on our website –

Product Features

  • WHILE OTHER PLA FILAMENT 1.75mm is too unreliable, has poor finish quality, produces weak prints or results in washed-out colours, 3D Filament PLA uses our special pure blend 1.75mm PLA and exact tolerances (just +/-0.03mm) to give enhanced finish quality, unmatched layer adhesion and better 3D printing reliability than any other filament. This means better looking prints, with truer colours without WASTING your filament, time or money.
  • STOP ‘TINKERING’ FOR HOURS & save yourself the uncertainty of that 15 hour print, failing 30 minutes before it finishes. It costs you money, but worse; it lets your customer down. We’ve been there, we know your frustration.
  • WE UNDERSTAND the hassles with 3D printing already. Using high quality 1.75mm filament turns an average 3D Printer into a good one, and a good printer into a brilliant one. Extruder jams, failures and poor details CAN be a thing of the past. What’s more; our colours are true, looking for a strong Translucent Green PLA 1.75 1KG? You’ve found it.
  • It’s not just your 3D printer filament that will give you complete piece of mind, our CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NON. Any problem, at all? Get in touch, our knowledgeable, friendly support ninjas are here to help you.
  • Join us on our mission to make 3D printing a more seamless technology to adopt. We believe that by improving reliability of these inspiring machines, we can help end the sleepless nights, head scratching and time wasted by both those new to the industry and experienced printers alike.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Reliable, Translucent Green PLA Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printing and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance* 3D Printer Filament 1KG”

  1. Amazing quality PLA filament. My printer came with some cheap Chinese crap which wouldn’t even print a test piece. I looked for the most popular brand on Amazon and it was Rigid Ink. Yes it’s one of the most expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. From not working at all with the Chinese crap to perfect prints straight away with Rigid Ink.I’ve since gone on to buy 3 other colours and I’m about to buy another. Their colours are really vibrant and I’ve not had any…

  2. Sometimes when a company titles something “the most reliable” its usually just click bait media hype. But that is certainly not the case with Rigid Ink! I purchased this reel when i ordered a FLSUN Cube printer and after struggling for hours with the filament provided with the printer, even on a PEI bed, i decided to pop the Rigid Ink filament in. Instant Bed Adhesion, no warping i’m onto a winner here. Highly recommend that everyone with a 3D printer buys a reel of this ASAP. I promise…

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