Uhomely DC Power Supply, AC 110V / 220V to DC 24V 14.6A Regulated Switching Converter, 350W Universal Transformer Adapter for 3D Printer, CCTV, LED Strip Lights, Car Subwoofer, Computer Project

*100% Brand New.
*Only Supply ONE LED Strip
*Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection
*Widely used in Industrial automation, LED display, communications, etc.

Input Voltage:
200V~240V/100V~120V ±20%
Output Voltage: 24V DC
Output Current: 0~14.6A
Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum base
Size: 22*12*5cm
Protection: Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection
Widely used in Industrial automation, LED display, communications, etc.
Safety Compliance: CCC/ FCC / CE
Working Temperature: 0~40℃
Storage Temperature: -20~60℃
Ambient Humidity: 0~95% Non-Condensation
Only Supply ONE LED Strip
This Power Supply Unit “DO NOT” come with installation instruction, wiring cable, on/off switch, or screws. Professional installation of qualified electrician is highly recommended.

Package Including
1 X Power Supply

Product Features

  • It is a DC 24V power supply for professional use on LED Lightning, security surveillance system, CCTV security camera, IP camera, 3D printer, car subwoofer, computer project and more
  • The perfect adjustment of the voltage output is available for different power supply conditions
  • Regulated voltage and current output. This is a perfect choice to use as a LED driver for all types of LED lighting without flickering and LED life span
  • Safety design with shortag protection, overload protection and automatic voltage switching
  • The full range of output current is possible for LED lighting with dimmable function

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EU Standard Universal 157cm Power Supply Cable for Creality CR-10 Ender-3 3D Printer Part


In full copper core design, low resistance, good conduction


Type: EU standard
Length: 157cm
Fit for: 3D Printer

Package Included:

1x Power supply cable

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SUPERNIGHT Switching Power Supply AC200-240v to DC 12V 30A 360W Switching Transformer Universal Regulator for Home Appliances, CCTV, Radio, Computer Project ect.

*Universal AC input / full range, Full load burn-in test
*Widely ranged input voltage , steady precise output voltage
*Cooling by free air convection
*It’s good quality and high performance
*Great switching power supply for home appliances

Input: AC 110V/220V ± 20%
Output: 12V DC 30A
The output direct voltage adjustable range: ±10%
The output voltage tolerance: ±1%
Nominal power: 360W
Protections: overload / over voltage / short circuit
Material: Metal
Weight: 33.86oz / 960g
Dimension: 21.5 x 11.5 x 5cm(L x W x H)
Temperature control: when temperature is up to 45℃, the fan will work to dissipate heat.

Package Including
1 X Power Supply

Product Features

  • ❤【NOTE: Make sure switch the Power Supply to 220V on device before use!】IN-DOOR USE ONLY! Great switching power supply for home appliances
  • ☛Universal AC input / full range, Input: AC220V ± 20%, Output: DC 12V 30A 360W. EU standard should be 220V.
  • ☛Smart device surge protection for over voltage, over load and short circuit protection, full load burn-in test
  • ☛100% new, auto-recovery after protection, strong built for heavy duty and long usage performance
  • ☛Power Supply for 3D Printer, Radio Transceiver, Car Subwoofer amp Audio Amplifier, RC LiPo Chargers and LED Strips

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Extruder Hot End Full Kit, 3D Printer J-head 1.75mm Direct (Universal) 12V for Prusa i3 Reprap 3D Printer

Product Features

  • This J-type Hot End is of all-metal design and fully compatible with the market-leader. Developed and tested in the UK it brings together quality innovative components from multiple sources to give top class performance at a very competitive price.
  • Our NTC Thermistor has a crimped cartridge and is fibreglass sleeved for improved strain relief and heat protection, 3mm diameter x 15mm Brass Cartridge 100k Ohm 4276K
  • Tested and qualified in the UK, our purpose made high power ceramic heater cartridge gives a much-improved performance over fragile and poor tolerance enamel resistors. Hotends heat quickly and hit the highest of temperatures. Quick release connectors provide easy & quick access to the hot end for maintenance and avoids the necessity of rewiring back to the control board. Crimped terminals to the control board give improved connectivity and reliability.
  • The kit also includes a high-speed, high flow fan with high quality brush-less bearings. Quick release extender cable has JST at fan end and a 2.54mm pitch dupont/molex at the control board end for compatibility with Ramps/Rambo and similar. Air Flow 5.6 cfm
  • Kit is supplied configured for use in direct mode, which includes a short length of PTFE tube which is inserted into the heatsink and pushed into the top of the heat-break. To use in Bowden mode, you need to simply replace the tube supplied with a longer length plus the means to connect the other end to your extruder. Nozzles are fully interchangeable with the e3d range & other compatible nozzles and accessories.

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