HAWKUNG 29pcs 3D Printing Tool Kit, 10pcs 0.4mm Nozzle + 15pcs Cleaning Needle (10 x 0.35mm + 5 x 0.4mm) + 2pcs Tweezers + 2pcs Spanner for 3D Printer V6 Nozzle Replacement, Clean, Installation

HAWKUNG 3D Printer Nozzle Change and clean Tools.No more burnt fingers for you! This is a must have tool for changing and cleaning print nozzles. Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world!

V5 V6 0.4mm Nozzles:
Color: gold
Thread type: M6
Output diameter:0.4mm;Input filament diameter:1.75mm
Compatible: V5 and V6 extruder hotend Filament
Supported:ABS/PLA/PETG/Carbon Fiber

Type: anti-Static,non-Magnetic precision tweezer
Tweezer length: 120mm
Color: black

Color: silver
Material:stainless steel
Wrench length: 120mm
Nozzle spanner suitable for nozzles with a diameter of 8 mm, such as V5 V6 nozzles.
Aluminum block spanner only fit for V6 heat block.
Nozzle and 3D printercleaning kit is a durable kit for different purposes; removes excess plastic and removes jams with high precision, and is also suitable for general maintenance of the heatsink section.
The wrench makes it easier to install and remove the nozzle.

Package Includes:
10 x 0.4mm Brass Nozzles
10 x 0.35mm Cleaning Needles
5 x 0.4mm Cleaning Needles
2 x Precision Tweezer
2 x Wrench
1 x Plastic Bottle

Product Features

  • Total 29pcs include: 10pcs brass nozzle, 10pcs 0.35mm cleaning needles, 5pcs 0.4mm cleaning needles, 2pcs precise tweezers, 2pcs Spanner, 1pcs plastic bottle.
  • Tweezers: 3D printing tweezers are suitable for maintenance nozzles and cleaning excess support material; it is anti-static, non-magnetic precision tweezers.
  • Needle: 10 flexible stainless steel needles for gentle maintenance of your nozzles and difficult to reach places such as feed gears.
  • V5 V6 nozzles: material:brass,thread type: M6,output diameter:0.4mm;Input filament diameter:1.75mm,compatible: V5 and V6 extruder hotend Filament,supported:ABS/PLA/PETG/Carbon Fiber
  • Wrenches: Wrenches make nozzle installation and removal easier. Special spanner can help you adjustment 3D Printer and change extruder nozzle more easy. Nozzle spanner suitable for nozzles with a diameter of 8 mm, for V5 V6 nozzles.Aluminum block spanner only fit for V6 heat block.

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Dokpav 11 Pieces 3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit, 10 Pack 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm Cleaning Needles + 1 Pack Tweezers Tool Kit for 3D Printer


Made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel cleaning needle, not easyto break, durable.

Equipped with storage box to store productsand keep safe.

Suitable for most 3D printer supplies.


Products includes:

2 x 0.2mm cleaning needle

2 x 0.3mm cleaning needle

3 x 0.4mm cleaning needle

2 x 0.5mm cleaning needle

1 x Precise tweezers

1 x Storage tube



Sharp parts, please keep away from children.

Product Features

  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF SIZES: 0.2 mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5 mm cleaning needles not only suitable for most of sizes nozzle but also they can use for cleaning other small parts, such as throat and feeder gear.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The 3D printer nozzle cleaners are made of premium stainless steel material, sturdy, durable and flexible, easy to twist.High quality tweezers are great for nozzle maintenance, cleaning up extrude hot ends and cleaning excess support material.
  • PORTABLE & SAFE CONTAINER:All of the items come in a neat plastic tube with a screw lid to keep them safely together. (Note: Sharp parts, please keep away from children.)
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY: This set of printer nozzle kits is compatible with most 3D printers on the market, such as Duplicator, MakerBot, RepRap, etc.
  • 11 PIECES NOZZLE AND CLEANING KIT: Package includes 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm cleaning needles, 2 pieces of each size;3 pcs 0.4mm cleaning needles ;1pcs precise tweezers;1pcs plastic tube.

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FYSETC 3D Printer Heated bed Silicone leveling, Column OD 0.63 in ID 0.16 in Stable Hot Bed Tool Heat-resistant Silicone Buffer for Anet A8 Wanhao D9 Anycubic Mega, 4 Pcs black

FYSETC is focus on 3D Printing Accessories, offers a variety of quality 3D Printing parts. We are constantly improving its products to deliver the best experience to each customer.

These silicone buffers serve to replace on your heating bed original springs. It is stable and does not shake when used, better to keep your 3D printer leveled.

Model: 4 high silicone leveling column -black
Feature: Assist 3d printer leveling
Material: Silicone
Silicone: Heat-resistant and pressure-resistant
Diameter: OD 0.63″(16mm) ID 0.16″(4mm)
Height: High 0.71″(18mm)
Package Includes:
4x high silicone leveling column- black

Product Features

  • For 3D Printer Hot Bed/ Platform, bottom connect, can replace original spring leveling.
  • New upgraded 3d printing leveling tool, Special design for Anet A8 Wanhao D9 Anycubic Mega i3 and most heated bed.
  • This heat-resistant and pressure-resistant silicone leveling column with a 4mm inner diameter makes it better to level your 3D printer.
  • The silicone buffers are simply installed instead of the original spring and it is no longer possible movement, your set levels remain!
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, need more help please feel free to email or Q&A us, we will try our best to service you.

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KINGPRINT 3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit-0.4mm with Tweezers Tool Kit Stainless Steel Bendable Bit Cleaning Needle 4.13’’Length (12 PCS)

Material:Stainless Steel Cleaning Needles&Tweezers and Plastic Box
Total Length:4.13”needles&7.95″
Main Features:
Cleaning Function
Easy to Use
Safety Material
Unique Design
Widely Used
Package Included:
12×0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning Kit
. 1×Box
The 0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning Kit is very sharp, pay attention to Stab.

Product Features

  • Cleaning Function: 12PCS 0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning needle can easily dredge and clean the clogged nozzle, ideal for gentle maintenance of your nozzle and difficult to reach the place
  • Easy to Use: 1.Open your 3D printer, heating nozzle, melting the filament; 2, Use 0.4mm cleaning needle dredge nozzle, please attention your hand avoid too close to the heating nozzle; 3, Use tweezers to remove the cleaning consumables
  • Safety Material: Antistatic, non-magnetic and sharp precision tweezers and stainless steel curved 0.4mm Nozzle Cleaning needles
  • Unique Design: Nozzle cleaning needle toughness good, not easy to break, needle fine good use, all items in a neat plastic pipe and screw cover to ensure that they are safely together
  • Widely Used: Clear the needle can be high precision removal and cleaning of the plug nozzle, tweezers can be widely used to maintain the radiator part

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