Gadget Nerds Rubber Comfort Grip 3D Print Removal Tool (Black)

Gadget Nerds is collective of tinkerers and nerds. We don’t just sell the stuff, we use it every day. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from people who actually know what the hell you are talking about.

Our tool is a response to the putty knives posing as 3D Print Tools. Granted our product looks the same, but we made deliberate design decisions like over molding the blade into the handle and featuring a rubber comfort grip. We’ve also put it through its paces and found it to be difficult for the tool to break unless you’re being a Hulk.

This is a great compliment to go with your 3D printer. The long, thin, flexible blade is rounded making it safe for kids to use. It’s thin enough to get between the print bed and your raft or print. This simple tool helps with the struggle on stuck on 3D prints. Please note this is to loosen the print from the bed. It is not a scraper style for tough stuck on prints. It will function just fine, but it’s not a pry bar. If you are experiencing tough stuck on prints, you may want to re-level your bed and adjust your Z axis accordingly.

Any seller other than ‘Gray Caravan Co.’ attempting to resell on this listing are selling counterfeit goods. Please report these sales to immediately and request a refund.

Product Features

  • 4″ long flexible blade (.045″ thick) wrapped in a sturdy black rubber comfort grip handle.
  • Unlike other putty knives posing as “3D Print Removal Tools” our handle is built to last. We over mold the handle onto a 1.5″ tang for maximum resiliency.
  • Our thin blade allows you to safely remove your print or raft from the print bed with ease. Avoid damaged to your print bed and use one of our tools.
  • Doubles as a print bed leveling tool or nozzle drool remover. No more burned fingers or uneven printing.
  • Buy with confidence from enthusiasts just like you.

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Premium 3D Print Removal Tool Kit – Durable 3D Printer Tools with Sturdy Comfort Grips, Sharp and Hardened Blades for Easy Separation of Prints, Knife and Spatula Set of 2 – Enhanced Version

Are you looking for a 3D print removal toolset with
Solid, riveted handles that won’t come loose and start spinning, twisting or turning after use?
Hardened stainless steel blades that are optimally flexible without being too flimsy and/or getting scratched and gouged by the print bed surface due to their softness?
A knife tool with a sharpened front edge (flat bottom) for getting under even the most-adhered prints with ease?
Ability to reach into the back under larger parts, sweep across and lever them off, as well as handle smaller, more delicate objects?
Durable comfort handles with grips designed for a firm hold that feel good in the hand and look stylish too?
Safe, rounded blades easier on your fingers, prints and printer surface?

REPTOR 3D Print Removal Tools have been designed with all these aspects in mind.
These tools are not your average repurposed painters putty knives with cramp rings that come loose or fall apart before long when used to remove 3D prints!

This REPTOR toolset is designed to get even the most stubborn prints off the bed without distorting them or damaging the print bed surface. Both handles have solid rivets in them that will hold the blades in place and will not permit the blades to turn or yield. The knife with its 4.92″ blade and beveled front edge can be used to sweep across and reach into the back under larger parts and provide leverage to pop even a stubborn piece up while the spatula is thin and flexible enough to get under even the most delicate of objects without distorting them.

They are the perfect duo – practical and durable, yet comfortable and stylish! Get yours now!

Product Features

  • DURABLE, RIGID CONSTRUCTION; No more repurposed artist spatulas with spinning, twisting and turning cramp rings!
  • PRACTICAL BUT TENDER; Gently slide underneath prints with ease to protect the build bed surface yet with a good reach
  • OPTIMUM FLEXIBILITY; Flexible but not too thin or flimsy – not dull and rigid like the putty knives for 3d printer bed
  • STYLISH & VERSATILE; Offset spatula with a rubber comfort grip, knife has a thick wood handle suitable for larger parts
  • PROFESSIONAL ADDITION TO YOUR 3D PRINTER ACCESSORIES; 3D printer tool set for print removal of PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG etc

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Alian 13Pcs Aluminum Alloy Portable Universal Precision Tool Set 3D Printer Accessories Screwdriver Set

Product information:

Name: 13PC Hobby Knife Set Mutifunction Crafts Carving Cutter 3D Print Cleaning Kit Graver Sculpting Art Tool Set with Storage


This incredibly cheap knife set is exactly what you need. It has standard exchangeable blades with 6 widths and 7 narrow ones. Blade holder in 3 sizes, the largest of which has a handy screwdriver handle. It’s all in a customized plastic box with a magnetic

Slip into the cover to securely hold the extra blades in place. Very sharp.

Features :

(1) .3 precision knife

– 1/4 “aluminum collet and slim metal handle

– 3/8 “aluminum collet and slim metal handle

– 3/8 “aluminum collet and non-rolling plastic handle

(2) 13 sized blades

(3) Practical plastic storage box for easy storage and transportation

3D Print Clean-Up Kit makes it easy and safe to trim the finished models with precision and safety! Place your model on the cutting pad to protect your furniture and ensure that the knife blades remain sharp. Work everywhere!

Product Features

  • Ideal for 3D printing cleaning and crafting
  • Complete size and wide application
  • Easy to grip with a screwdriver handle for easy grip
  • A versatile carving knife for all your needs
  • This compact and durable multipiece set – self-healing cutting pad can be used anywhere, easy to carry

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BLTouch Precision Heating Probe Bed Leveling Sensor for 3D Printer Parts Module Switch Kit For Arduino Electronic DIY Tool

3D Printer Touch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of your print surface,greatly improve the printing precision of your 3D Printer,widely used in lab,experiment, industry, electronic DIY etc.

Wiring :
3Pin : Brown(- , GND) Red(+5V) Orange(control signal)
2Pin : Black(-, GND) White(Zmin)
Specification :
Voltage : 5V
Current : 15mA
Maximum(Peak) Current : 300mA
Case Material : Polycarbonat(PC) 
Case Color : Semitransparent White 
Cable Length : 150mm 
PCB & Soldering : RoHS, Lead Free (Pb Free)

Package Information:
Package size:98 x 70 x 25mm/3.86 x 2.76 x 0.98in
Package Weight:45g/1.59oz
Poly Bag Package

Package Included:
1 x BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kit

Product Features

  • 1.3D Printer Touch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of your print surface.
  • 2.It could work with nearly any kind of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals and so on.
  • 3.Simple operation, smart and precise.
  • 4.It can greatly improve the printing precision of your 3D Printer.
  • 5.Widely used in lab,experiment, industry, electronic DIY etc.

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