LokBuild 3D Print Build Surface, sticky back sheet, quick, clean removal of printed parts, versatile (SINGLE PACK 12″ (305x305mm))

THE SOLUTION Are you having difficulties getting your 3D prints to stick without warping? Struggling to remove your finished model after printing? Tired of messing around with inadequate solutions such as kapton, blue builders tape, hairspray and ABS slurry? LokBuild is the answer! LokBuild provides the perfect printing surface for 3D models to adhere and also allows completed objects to be removed easily. LokBuild is a durable sheet that sticks to the bed of 3D printers. WHAT IS LOKBUILD? LokBuild is the ultimate 3D printing surface for FFF/FDM 3D printers. It is a long lasting alternative to films and tapes. LokBuild can be easily cut to suit the exact shape and size of your 3D printers build surface. LokBuild is made from uniquely textured sheets that attach to your build plate easily with heat-resistant adhesive backing. LokBuild replaces the need for blue masking tape or polyimide films such as Kapton Tape. It is made from heat-resistant materials to provide a stable build platform for 3D printed models whilst allowing completed models to be removed easily. LOKBUILD MATERIALS We are constantly testing new materials. Here is a list of just some materials that have been successfully printed on LokBuild… ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET colorFabb_XT, colorFabb nGen, colorFabb_HT, colorFabb XT-CF20 (carbon fibre) Woodfill, Bronzefill, Copperfill, Brassfill Polymaker PC-Plus (polycarbonate), Polymaker PC-Max (polycarbonate), Polymaker PolyFlex, Ninjaflex HOW TO USE LOKBUILD If you have ever used tape or films you will know that they are difficult to fit. LokBuild is more rigid and really easy to apply to your build plate. Also it is almost impossible for air bubbles to get trapped beneath the LokBuild surface. LokBuild can be removed from the build plate cleanly in one piece and leaves no residue behind.

Product Features

  • Build sheet adheres to a print bed to help the filament stick during printing, while also enabling quick & clean removal of the printed part afterward
  • Durable construction allows for multiple uses with either the same or different filament material, Single sheet design installs more quickly and with fewer bubbles than tape or films
  • Optimal 3D Printing Surface, Improves Model Adhesion, Reduces Warping, Easier Nozzle Height Calibration, Durable and Long Lasting
  • Protect your Build Plate, Easy Removal of Completed Prints, One Build Surface suitable for most materials, Easy to Install and Remove.

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Signstek 3PCS 3D Printing Build Surface, Printer Platform Sheet Heated Bed Tempered, ABS/PLA Compatible (300 x 300 mm)

Product Features:
1. Print without bending.
2. Peel off from the platform easily.
3. Peel off from the platform cleanly.

Product specification:
Size: 300mm x 300mm x 0.5mm
Corresponding Resin: ABS / PLA

3 x 3D Printer Platform Sheet

Product Features

  • It sticks to the 3D printer platforms and improves the molding accuracy of the filament.rinter platforms and improves the molding accuracy of the filament.
  • Build sheet adheres to a print bed to help the filament stick during printing and print without warping.
  • After printing, peel off the model easily, and the sheet itself also devises the adhesive material, so you can peel it cleanly from the platform.
  • It could print for several times even in the same place. Since the sheet can be peeled cleanly from the platform, easy to maintenance and clean up.
  • Size: 300mm x 300mm x 0.5mm (11.81 x 11.81 x 0.0019 inch); Compatible Resin: ABS / PLA

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Formfutura EasyPad 300×300 – Adhesive Sheet for 3D Printing

Product Features

  • EasyPad provides an optimal printing surface for fixating your 3D printed objects during printing
  • Ideal 3D printing surface without the use of blue masking tape, kapton sheets or hairspray on your print bed
  • EasyPad sheets are made of a composition of high quality, heat-resistant raw materials which results in a durable and stable build platform
  • Suitable for all desktop 3D printers.

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Wisamic PEI Sheet for 3D Printing with 3M 468MP Adhesive Tape, Multiple Sizes Available (12″x12″,0.8mm thick)

Material: Polyetherimide
Dimensions: 8 “x8″/10″x10″/12″x12”
Thickness: 0.8 mm/2 mm
Density: 1.35 g / cm3

There are two methods for linking the PEI sheet to the printing bed. The first method is just fix the sheet to the printing bed using binder clips. Secondly, use the 3M 468MP transfer tape to attach the PEI sheet to the printing bed.
When the PEI sheet is attached, you need to re-establish the printing bed. After completing these steps, everything is ready!

Package Contents
1x PEI Sheet
1x 3M 468MP Transfer Tape

To clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol or soap, the PEI will remain clean and will be useful to achieve the best adhesive effect. Gently shaking with the grain 2000 paper can also extend the shelf life of the PEI sheet.

Product Features

  • Compatibility: ABS and PLA both Stick rafts extremely well to the surface, which saves the trouble of using the support for best adherence.
  • Durability: It can be reused for multiple prints. You just need wipe the PEI sheet with isopropyl alcohol between prints gently to achieve the satisfying results.
  • Easy to Use: PEI (Polyetherimide) sheet provides a 3D printing build surface that requires no tape, slurry, or adhesive.
  • Scratch-resistent Package: Blue protective film guards against scratches during shipping.

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