3D Pen with LCD screen, DigiHero 3D Printing pen with 1.75mm PLA filament Pack of 12 Different Colors, Each color 10 Feet, 3D Print Pen is Perfect Gift for Kids, Adults

Operation Instructions
1, After connecting the pen to the power supply(5V/2A), it enter into standby condition when the LED screen displays “PLA” or “ABS”.
2,Afer switch the filament mode between PLA and ABS, press the “▶”button once to heat, when the power indicator turns green ,load the PCL filament.
3, Press “L” button to adjust temperature and speed.
4, Press the “◀” button once to start loading, press the “▶” button once to start unloading automatically.
5, After using the pen, please press the button “▶”to unload the filament, please finish unloading progress at one time.
6. This product will automatically enter into standby mode without using of 3 minutes and the LCD screen displays “”SLEEP””. Please press the “◀” button once to activate.

Product Features
Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm
Voltage: 5V/2A
Operating Temperature: 190-220℃ degree adjustable
Printing Speed: Low, Medium, High speed
Suitable Filament: PLA/ABS 1.75mm

Package Contents:
1×3D printing pen
1×Power Adapter
1×Micro USB cable
1× Manual
12×10ft 1.75mm PLA Filament
1×3D Print Removal Tool

Safety and Warning Instruction
1, Product applicable age: 5 years old and above.
2, Pay attention to the temperature of the nozzle, please DO NOT touch the nozzle during use to avoid burning your hand.
3, Please exit out of 3D Pen Filament Refills and cut off the power supply after using
4, Please put the pen in a place where children can not touch after using.
5. Please do not use the nib to touch other hard objects.

6. Make sure that the filament is completely out of the pen and cut off the power supply after using.
7. Please put the pen in a place where children can not touch after using.

Product Features

  • Perfect Gift for Kids & Adults:3D Printing Pen is a perfect gift for kids that helps children to improve spatial thinking, cultivate creation and artistic skills, It’s also a great way for parents and children to spend quality time together
  • Environmentally friendly:3D Pen is compatible with both PLA and ABS. we provide 1.75mm PLA filament Pack of 12 Different Colors, Each color 10 Feet. Compared to ABS, the PLA Filament is a more eco-friendly, it is a corn based plastic that is considered safer by 3D print enthusiasts. Melting is non-toxic, odorless, which is safer than ABS. Please do not use other manufacturers’ consumables, so as not to cause incompatibility
  • Adjustable Temperature / Speed: 3 printing temperature modes and printing speed modes adjustable, Advanced LCD screen clearly display the corresponding speed: low speed(5-1), medium speed(5-2), high speed(5-3), you can choose the appropriate mode according to painting proficiency. LCD screen lets you monitor temperature of material and extrusion speed when you enjoy drawing 3D model
  • Convenient for you to drawing indoor and outdoor. USB port power supply, Can be charged by mobile power bank, computer, laptop, make it more convenient to use. (Make sure that the current is 5V/2A)
  • No Worries Guarantee – Shop with us, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 3D Pen come with 30-day money back guarantee if there are quality problems in case of normal use

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3D Printing Drawing Pen with LCD Screen Model -1.75mm ABS Filament Refill (YELLOW)

What’s The 3D Printing Pen?: It makes the dream come true,breaking the traditional painting methods,When you finish the picture ,then it will direct concretely “stand” / As you can see, Don’t make your kids’ dream just a dream
DESIGN OF INTELLIGENT STANDBY FUNCTION: The product will automatically switch to standby mode in 5 minutes, when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working. When restart, the product begin to heat up, to avoid the risk of forgetting turn off the power
Product Packing List:

1 * 3D printing pen
1 * 12V2A power adapter
1 * 3 * 3 m color supplies
1 * Manual
1 * certification

Product Features

  • SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL: The product is lightweight, a slim (easy to handle) design, meet the needs of children, students and adults With variable speed feature.
  • EASY TO REPLACE: As long as gently press the buckle, users can remove the heating coil and nozzle, then replace, without the process of guidance or retreating repair by dealer, reducing much more perplexities
  • DESIGN OF TEMPERATURE REGULATION AND CONTINUOUS SPEED REGULATION: The function of regulating temperature has been increased. Users can adjust by themselves, according to different consumptive materials, to achieve the desired temperature

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MagiDeal 3D Printer Parts 3.5Inch Color Touch Screen for Controller Board 32-bit


– Color touch screen: 3.5 inch TFT
– Resolution: 480 * 320
– Supports high-speed hardware SPI serial communication
– 3.5-inch high-resolution color touch screen controller 32-bit

Package Includes:

1x 3.5” Touch Screen
1x Cable

Product Features

  • Color touch screen: 3.5 inch TFT
  • Resolution: 480 * 320
  • Supports high-speed hardware SPI serial communication
  • 3.5-inch high-resolution color touch screen controller 32-bit

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3D Printing Pen, Todoxi 3D Printing Pen Kit, Doodle Pen with LED Display Screen, Compatible with 1.75mm ABS and PLA for 3D Drawing -Creative Christmas Gift for Children / Adults – Blue

3D pen is a pen that can draw in the air with plastic filaments through a clever extrusion process similar to that of 3D printers. Todoxi 3D pen works on the same principle while being extremely simplified for both kids and adults, which is perfect for all creative hobbies, scrapbooking or visual arts.

✎✎How does the 3D pen works?
Insert an ABS or PLA filament that will be melted progressively inside the 3D pen and it will come out in the form of a thin wire through the pen tip, this wire cools and hardens almost instantly upon release, allowing you to draw any 3D objects!

✎✎What is ABS and PLA plastic?
Todoxi 3D pen is compatible with these two popularize plastics on the market.
ABS has the property of cooling almost instantly out of the 3D pen. So you can use it to draw directly in the air! the melting temperature is between 190-220˚C

✍Benefits of Todoxi 3D Pen:
Thin and light, easy to handle
Button to adjust the temperature with large LED screen
Freely control the speed at 4 levels for a continuous flow
Sleeping mode in 3 minutes without operation to save energy
Compatible with ABS/ PLA which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic
Stimulates creativity and develops the perception of space
Ideal for painters, product designers, amateurs, children who like to draw, create, design and build

1 x Todoxi 3D printing pen
1 x Power cable with USB port
1 x UK adapter
6 x PLA filaments
1 x Model of 8 patpatterns
1 x Transparent sketch plate
1 x Manual

Recommended age: 8+ years, use under adult’s supervision
CAUTION: Do not touch the heating head directly when the pen is using
CAUTION: Please connect to an AC adapter or an external battery works in 2A/5V. We recommend the connection of an external battery rather than the computer for the use in a long time

Product Features

  • ✍Very Handy with Large LED Display✎- Ergonomic design of the lateral buttons offer both the kids and adults an easy one-handed operation, 4 adjustable levels of speed, customized temperature based on the filament you use, and the type of filament, all these information can be seen directly and clearly on the large LED screen
  • ✍Lightness and Connection of USB✎- Its light weight of 58g which is barely bigger than a felt gives you a cosy grip without fatigue for children to achieve all their desires creation. No need for a power outlet nearby, this 3D pen is possible to connect to a USB output such as your laptop or any USB battery, it will give you the freedom to draw in 3D wherever you are: outside, in car, on the train or even on the plane
  • ✍Reliability with Smart Sleeping mode✎- Durable aircraft grade ceramic nozzle will not cause any burns, this 3D pen is in accordance with the standards of the CE, RoHS and FCC certificates. For the reason of safety and to avoid burns, it will enter into sleeping mode automatically and the LED screen will display “SLEEP” when the device is not used more than 3 minutes
  • ✍Compatible with ABS and PLA✎- For more creativity, this 3D pen is compatible with ABS and PLA which are the most used for 3D printing, they cool down almost instantly and to be hard very quickly for creating three-dimensional structures or draw directly in the air to encourage the creativity of little dreamers and stimulate their imaginations!
  • ✍Creative Christmas Gift for Children or Adult✎- Set of pleasant accessories is provided: biodegradable and environment-friendy PLA filament made of corn in 6 colors of 2 meters for each piece (red, yellow, blue, black , luminous green and luminous pink) + Model of 8 patterns + Transparent PC sheet + Silicone nozzle cover for protection

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