3D Printers Prusa i3 Auto Leveling Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit Self-assembly Acrylic Frame LCD Screen Display + MK8 Extruder Nozzle + MAK3 Heatbed + 8GB SD Card, Printing Size 220*220*240 mm

Max printing size: 220*220*240mm
Auto leveling sensor: Yes (Support)
Frame: Acrylic frame
Advanced MK3 heatbed
Off-line printing: Yes (Support)
LCD screen: Yes (Support)
Software language: English,Chinese and Multi-language
XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.0025mm
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Nozlle diameter: 0.4mm (standard configuration)
Nozlle temperature: 10℃-230℃
Printing material: Flexible ABS/PLA
Material diameter: 1.75mm
File format: STL, G-Code
Slicing software: Repetier-Host, CURA
Power supply: DC 12V
Machine size: 500mm*400mm*470mm

System and Environment Requirement:
Environmental requirement: Temp: 10 -30°c, Humidity: 20-50%
System: XP / WIN7 / Mac

Packing Includes:
3D Printer DMY-001* 1 (packaged in parts, need to be assembled by yourself)
All assembly units
All assembly tools
All assembly datasheet (document, picture)
8G SD Card
1 x Masking pape
1 Roll 0.25kg Filament (ABS or PLA sent randomly)

Product Features

  • Newest self leveling 3D printers, Max printing Size: 220*220*240mm. Supports Varieties of Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Flex, Wood, Nylon etc. Widely used in Industry, Education, Art Design, Fashion Gift etc.
  • High Performance: Auto leveling sensor; Melzi 2.0 Mainboard; MK8 Nozzle J-heat Hot End; Universal Extruder; Dual Cooling Fans; MK3 Hotbed.
  • 8GB SD Card includes Step-by-Step Installation Instruction and Video Guide. No matter you are Professional, Maker, Designer, or Hobbyist etc.,you can assemble your own personal 3D printer and create something unique by yourself.
  • Simple structure for easy to install, parts and components for DIY, enjoy yourself in the assembling, can make true-to-life and high-resolution models and objects.
  • Professional post-sale service: Our technical engineers are always at your service and All Parts are with 12 Months Warranty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

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EARME A8 3D Desktop Acrylic LCD Screen High Precision Desktop 3D Printer Kits Prusa i3 with SD Card Printing Size 220*220*240mm ABS / PLA / wood / nylon PVA / PP / Luminescent

● Because of technology upgrades, accessories may not be the same with the picture, but it does not affect the function
● Because the mainboard is updated, the new system board wiring is opposite with the old wiring. But SD card data did not update ( still the old wiring )

Brand: Anet
– Engraving area: 220 x 220 x 240mm
– Frame material: acrylic plate
– Platform board: aluminum base
– Nozzle quantity: single
– Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
– Layer thickness: 0.1 – 0.3mm
– Memory card offline print: SD card ( not included )
– Print speed: 100mm/s
– Supporting material: ABS, luminescent, nylon PVA, PLA, PP, wood
– Material diameter: 1.75mm
– File format: G-code, OBJ, STL
– XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
– Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
– Voltage: 12V
– Host computer software: cura, repetier-host
● Firmware version: V1

Dimensions and Weight
Product weight: 8.5000 kg
Package weight: 9.0000 kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 51.00 x 34.50 x 21.50 cm / 20.08 x 13.58 x 8.46 inches

Package Contents
1 x A8 3D Desktop Acrylic LCD Screen Printer Prusa i3 DIY High Accuracy Self Assembly, 1 x Pack of Accessories

Product Features

  • 【UNASSEMBLED DIY KIT: provide you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience of the 3D printer from scratch. As long as you have a passion for creativity, you can not afford to miss this product.
  • 【FILAMENT SUPPORTABLE】, support ABS / PLA / wood / nylon PVA / PP / luminescent
  • 【OPERATING SYSTEM】: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac, Linux ; Working environment: Temperature: 10 – 30 Deg.C, humidity: 20 – 50 Deg.C
  • 【HIGH PRINTING PRECISION】: stainless steel rail rods, gears, bearings and connectors for smoother movement; Made from the piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame. To maintain the garage-built feel and the handmade charm.
  • Quick-release feed gears for faster and fluent filament feeding; Engineered to provide redefined usability, quality, performance

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3D Printer, LESHP High Precision Desktop Prusa i3 3D Printer with All Metal MK8 Extruder Nozzle Dual Air Vents, Acrylic Frame LCD Screen 220*220*240mm Personal DIY 3D Printing Printer Machine, with Detailed Video with 8GB SD Card Support ABS/PLA/HIP/PP/Wood Filament

Screen: LCD2004
Frame Material: Acrylic
Hotbed Material: Aluminum Alloy
Nozzle Quantity: 1
Printing color: Single
Printable Material: ABS/PLA/HIP/PRTG/TPU/Wood/Nylon/PP etc
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Plug: UK
Voltage: 110-220V
Current: 20A
Power: 240W
Item Size(Assembled): 50 * 45 * 40cm / 19.7 * 17.7 * 15.7in
Item Weight: 8Kg / 17.6Lbs
Package Size: 51 * 31 * 21cm / 20.1 * 12.2 * 8.3in
Package Weight: 9.5Kg / 20.9Lbs

Technological Parameter:
Max. Printer Size: 220 * 220 * 240mm
Printer Speed: 10-120mm/s
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Printing Accuracy: 0.12mm
XY Axis Accuracy: 0.015mm
Z Axis Accuracy: 0.005mm
Nozzle Temperature: Max. 260°C
Hot Bed Temperature: 50-100°C
Recommend ABS Setting: Nozzle: 230 °C Hotbed: 80 °C
Recommend PLA Setting: Nozzle: 210 °C Hotbed: 50 °C

Software Requirement:
Operating System: Windows XP/Win7/Win8/Mac/Linux
Printing Software: Cura / Repetier-host
File Type: .STL / .OBJ / G-code
Offline: Yes

Package List:
1 x 3D Printer(not assembly) 1 x 8GB Micro SD card and Card Reader(Installation Instruction Included) 1 x 1.5m Power supply Lead 1 x Screwdriver 1 x T type lead screw 4 x Hex wrench 1 x Open spanner 1 x plastic nipper 1 x 1.5m USB cable 6 x Guiding rods 1 x 10m Filament

Product Features

  • Superior Configuration – Updated sophisticated mainboard, superior power supply system, 240W, 110V-240V;Customized MK8 nozzle, T-shape lead screw, advanced and high-speed motor;2004 LCD screen, English interface, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing. ir ideal.
  • Excellent Quality Performance – LCD screen to display; easy control by 5 keys; customerized good quality extruder; 4 stars lead screw brass nut & high import lead rod; high quality stepmotors(without interruption for 1000 work hours);updated mainboard, more function support;high quality power supply;free 3D filament and spool holder along with the 3D printer package.
  • Affordable 3D Printer for Everyone – DIY 3D printer kit design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices. No matter you are Professional, Maker, Designer, or Hobbyist etc,you can assemble your own personal 3D printer by your own hands and create something unique by yourself
  • Support Many 3D Filament Types – The heated build plate and wide range of extruder temperatures allow this printer to work with many types of 3D filament, from basic filaments, such as ABS and PLA, to more advanced materials, such as conductive PLA, wood ..etc.
  • No-worry Customer Service – Buy with confidence.Easy return and refund if you are not satisfied with our 3D printer.With professional technical engineer to solve the problems you may face when using the 3D printers.

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3D Printer, OUTAD High Precision Desktop Aluminium Profile Extrusion P802M 3D Printer Kits with Secure Digital Memory SD Card(8GB) Extruder Nozzle Acrylic Frame LCD Screen Plastic Wheel with Bearings Size 220*220*240 mm Support ABS/PLA/HIP/PP/Wood Filament

❦Print speed:40-120mm/s
❦Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm
❦Filament diameter:1.75mm
❦Print accuracy:X,Yaxis0.012mmZaxis0.004mm

Package included:
❦1xBottom Plate
❦2xBase Frame Holder
❦2xJunction Plate
❦1xHot bed platform
❦6xSliding Rod Restriction
Heating End
❦1xPrint Plat form(Aluminium)
❦1xX-axis Motor Mount
❦1xX-axis Pulley Mount
❦2xX-axis Sliding Rod(M8x443mm)
❦1xX-axis Motor(with2GTGear)
❦1xX-axis Timing Belt
❦1xX-axis Limit Switch
❦1xY-axis Motor Support
❦1xY-axis Motor Holder
❦1xY-axis Limit Switch Holder
❦1xY-axis Motor(with2GTGear)
❦2xY-axis Sliding Rod
❦1xY-axis Limit Switch
❦1xY-axis Timing Belt
❦1xY-axis Belt Pulley Wheel
❦6xZ-axis Motor Support
❦2xZ-axis Motor(With coupling)
❦2x Z-axis Screw Arbor(M8x345mm)
❦2x Z-axis Sliding Rod(M8x380mm)
❦1xZ-axis Limit Switch
❦1xLCD Display(Assembled)
❦1x Control Board
❦1x Heat bed
❦1x Cooling fan
❦1x Power Supply
❦2xDC Power Wire(Red&Black)
❦1xPower cord
❦1xLCD cable
Feeding Support
❦2xFrame Fixed Link
❦1xPlastic Pipe holder
❦2xFilament Support Frame
❦1xPlastic Pipe
❦1xMicro SDcard
❦1xHexagon Socket Key
❦1xFlat Blade Screwdriver
❦1xCross head Screwdriver
❦2xScrew Arbor(Base)M8/400mm
❦3xSC8UU bearing
❦58xM3x20mm Screw
❦2xM2.5x10mm Black screw
❦12xM8 Nuts
❦12xM8 Cushion ring
❦4xM3x14mm screw
❦4xThumb Nuts
❦4xCompression springs

Product Features

  • ❦This 3D printer cabling reasonable so the appearance look clean and tidy. LCD screen, English interface, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing. Full Metal Extruder, adjustable extrusion power. Wide range power supply tunable 110V/220V with short circuit and overload protection, 100% full-load burn-in test.
  • ❦High precision DIY semi-industrial grade 3D Printer, large print Size 220*220*240mm. Supports varieties of materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Flex,wood, Nylon etc. Our printer is very popular all around the world, applied to wide fields such as household, education, engineer, medical treatment, product prototype design.
  • ❦High performance Melzi 2.0_V5 main board with more stabilization. MK8 Nozzle J-heat hot end,universal extruder, dual cooling fans makes printing better. MK3 hotbed: temperature 0-110℃ aluminium board and hotbed 2 in 1 heating fast and evenly. High power supply heating faster and the printing quality is better.
  • ❦3D printer nozzle is 0.3 mm, making printing more elaborate. Mould parts for Z-axis and three slide blocks for extruder to make the printer more stable. Running faster and has low noise. Most parts of the machine have been assembled, and we can provide a detailed video of installation,so the installation process will be simple and fast.
  • ❦Compatible with many 3D filament types, such as ABS, PLA, HIP, WOOD,PC,PVC,PP and Nylon etc. Wide application for printing 3D toys, teaching equipment, and other technological devices, great for stimulate users’ creativity and inspiration and realize their ideal.

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