Cable Drag Chain,R28 Nylon Cable Drag Chain(1000mm/40″ Long),Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance,not Easy to Deform,Fast Moving Speed,for 3D Printer, CNC Machine Tools etc


Material: reinforced nylon PA66

Color: black

Inner hole size: 10 * 10mm/0.39 *0.39inch

Outer hole size: 14 * 17mm/0.55 *0.67inch

Total Length: 1000 mm/40inch

Bending radius: R28

Open mode: bridge type cannot be opened

Load capacity: 100

Load weight: A1005

Unsupported length: A10000mm

Temperature resistance: 80-120 degrees

Package Included:

1 x Black Nylon Cable Drag Chain

Product Features

  • Widely applied in the 3 d printer, CNC machine tools, electronic equipment
  • Because of the small spacing, so it is quiet and less noise when is operating.
  • Reinforced nylon, high temperature resistance,wear resistance, corrosion resistance,salt/acid/ alkali resistance
  • Strong structure, not easy to deform
  • With great Heavy load and long serving life

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extrudr® TPU medium ø1.75mm (750gr) 3D printer filament “CLEAR”, flexible elastic filament with chemical resistance

Product Features

  • extrudr® TPU medium filament (Shore hardness A98), color clear, ø1.75mm
  • The Extrudr TPU Flex line with different degrees of hardness has been developed mainly for industrial applications. The chemical resistance, which prevails in the machine environment, was taken into consideration. As a result depending on the application area or industry, individual solutions can be offered. TPU medium “The allrounder” combines with its Shore hardness of A98 the characteristics of the TPU soft and hard and is developed for the wide range of applications.
  • printing speed 60-80mm/s, printing temperature 190-230°C
  • heated bed: recommended 90°C. Some printers can print without heated bed.
  • Low shrinkage. Does not need an enclosed chamber.

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Nylon 3D Printing Material Offers High Break Resistance

New Product From: 7/4/2014 Modern Machine Shop, Edited by Jedd Cole ,

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Stratasys offers FDM Nylon 12, a nylon material engineered for use with the company’s Fortus line of 3D printing systems. The nylon uses fused deposition modeling for tough and flexible unfilled parts with as much as five times greater breaking resistance and improved impact strength. The elongation-at-break specification is said to surpass that of other 3D printed nylon 12 material by as much as 100 percent. This strength creates opportunities for manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, home appliance and consumer electronics to fashion durable parts that can withstand high vibration, repetitive stress and fatigue. The company says its material suits end-use parts such as interior panels, covers, environmental ducting and vibration-resistant components, as well as tools, manufacturing aids and jigs. The material features high fatigue endurance, strong chemical resistance and high impact strength for repetitive snap- or press-fits. The black material is available for the Fortus 360, 400 and 900 systems.