Uniqstore Color Changing with Temperature 3D Printer PLA Filament,From Purple Blue to Pink,1.75 mm, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm, 1KG Spool(2.2LBS), 3D Printing PLA Material

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Strong R & D Capability:  Regular introduction of new styles!

Professional 3D printing filament suppliers: We provide different materials filament in different colors. for more choice please visit our store.

Professional after-sales: We have been engaged in the printing industry for many years, 

employees have a wealth of experience and expertise, we will be very happy if we can help you.


Weight: 1KG, 2.2 LB.

Color: From Green to Yellow / From Orange to Yellow / From Purple to Red / From Purple to Blue / From Bronw to Green / From Purple Blue to Pink

Material: PLA

Package: 1 spool stored in a vacuum packed bag

Item Diameter: 1.75 millimeters; Tolerance: 0.05

Print Temperature: 195°C- 230°C

Recommended Print Speed: 30 – 90mm/s

Please Pay Attention: 

Retract the filament if you are going leave your printer inactive for somedays.

Store this filament in a dry and sealed bag or box to extend the life of your filament.

When storing the filament, Please pass the loose end through the hole at the edge of the filament reel, 

this can avoid entanglement. It can be fed correctly and properly when you use it next time. 

Product Features

  • PLA Change Color by Temperature: Color Chang Temperature is about 31°C, From Purple Blue to Pink.
  • High Compatibility: It suit a variety of FDM 3D printer, Compatible with RepRap, Makerbot, UP!, Lulzbot, Afinia, Solidoodle, MakerGear, Printrbot LC, and more!
  • Professional Packaging: The filament spool came in a sealed vacuum bag with a desiccant bag to keep it dry and keep out dust and foreign particles, prevent nozzle jams and yield smooth 3D models.
  • Print Parameters: To achieve a good effect, recommended extrusion(195°C- 230°C), recommended print speed(30 – 90mm/s), Heated Bed: 0 ~ 80°C.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarntee: Comes with 100% no-hassle satisfaction guarantee. We are confidence with the quality of our products.

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PLA Filament 3D Printer Filament,Enotepad 1.75mm PLA,Filament 3D Printing Materials,Dimensional Accuracy ± 0.02 mm,2.2lbs(1KG) Spool, Purple

Enotepad 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament will bring you consistent feeding and perfect 3D printing experience.



▶Non-toxic degradable material

▶Professional Vacuumed Sealed Packaging


Enotepad PLA Filament Specifications: 

Diameter: 1.75mm

Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.02mm

Printing Temperature: 190 – 220 °C

Platform Temp.: Optional (If printer has heated bed, 25-55°C)

Net Weight:Total 1KG (2.2LBS)

Length: 330m(102ft)


High Quality & High Compatibility 

Eco-friendly 3D printer filament with high performance,no bubble, no jamming, no drawing.

Enotepad filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03mm. 

Why Buy From Enotepad?

Strict production standard to guarantee high accuracy,Enotepad have over 8 years experience in 3D printer Filament manufacturing.We committed to offer good quality and keeping it affordable 3D Printing supply.


Some Storing Tips: 

To avoid winding,please feed the loose end through the holes on the edge of the filament reel.

Please place the unsealing filament back to original vacuum bag and stock it in a cool and dry place after print.


You will get lifetime warranty from Enotepad store,enjoying fun of 3D Printing with Enotepad filament now! 

Product Features

  • 【High Compatibility 1.75mm】Enotepad PLA filament is high Compatible with 3D Printers and 3D Pens that use 1.75MM filament.Such as:SUNLU,3D Hero,Anycubic,Ante,Geetech,Prusa, Makerbot,etc.
  • 【Enotepad PLA Recommend】Printing Temp. at 190 – 220 °C can give you a smooth prints which require less calibration and give off fewer extruder issues.
  • 【Easy to print&No clogging】High purity with low shrinkage,1.75mm 1KG Enotepad PLA have the advantage of Odorless&Low-Warp&Zero bubbles.Delivers you a smooth print with a glossy finish,extremely high successful rate.
  • 【Professional Vacuumed Sealed Packaging】This will enable you to easily keep your 3D printer filaments at an optimal storage condition and free from dust or moisture before opening the vacuumed sealed packaging.
  • 【Lifetime-100% Guarantee】Enotepad guarantees your purchase and will replace another 3D Printer Filament for you if you have any problem.Our After-sales service will certainly answer and solve the your questions within 24 hours.

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B Blesiya 3D Printer Parts 40W UV LED Light Panel Source Lamp With Purple Light & hole

Since 2017 year we have had a good reputation. Please feel free to buy. Blesiya is getting better and better in the future!


– Adopting new LED lamp beads, sufficient illumination and good printing effect

– Name: 40W LED copper plate integrated UV DLP printer light source violet

– Applicable: light curing printer

– Wavelength: 405nm

– Power: 40w

Package Includes:

1x 40W UV LED Light Source with hole

Product Features

  • Adopting new LED lamp beads, sufficient illumination and good printing effect
  • Name: 40W LED copper plate integrated UV DLP printer light source violet
  • Applicable: light curing printer
  • Wavelength: 405nm
  • 1x 40W UV LED Light Source with hole

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SainSmart 1.75mm Flexible TPU 3D Printers Filament – 800g Spool (Purple)


Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a high strength flexible filament. TPU is essentially polyurethane, it belongs to the TPE class of thermoplastics (similar to the stuff NinjaFlex is made of).
In addition to being stronger compared to other flexible materials on the market, we found TPU to be easier to print with, with great layer to layer bonding.


   ● Specially formulated plastic with increased amount of flexibility, with rigid structure.
   ● Resistant to oil, grease and abrasions.
   ● Recommended for printing objects, which will be impacted more than normal ones.
   ● It has many applications including; automotive, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, profile applications, etc.
   ● TPU is also a popular material found in outer cases of mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones.


   ● Material : Rep-Flex TPU – Vacuumed Sealed with desiccant
   ● Color: Purple
   ● shore hardness: 95A
   ● Weight: 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool Weight Total, Net Weight 0.8 KG
   ● Diameter: 1.75mm (+/- 0.05mm)
   ● Roundness: 1.75mm (+/- 0.03mm)
   ● Recommended extruder temperature: 210 – 230°C
   ● Recommended platform temperature: 30 – 40°C

Pack List:

1x SainSmart 1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb Flexible(TPU) Series Filament for 3D Printers RepRap

Product Features

  • SainSmart TPU NEW COLOR! We have expanded our TPU family by adding new color – Purple.
  • High strength but flexible. TPU is essentially polyurethane, it belongs to the TPE class of thermoplastics.
  • Resistant to oil, grease and abrasions.
  • Widely used in many applications. Such as power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts etc.
  • Suitable for common 3D printers in the market. In the size of 1.75mm, SainSmart TPU works with most of the 3D printers.

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