FYSETC Prusa i3 MK3 Cooling Fan 5015 50x50x15mm 5V DC 0.35A Hotend Cooler Blow Radiator Sleeve Bearing for 3D Printer Parts Accessories, 2Pcs

FYSETC is a professional supplier of 3D Printers related accessories products. Include Popular Printer CR-10, Ender 3, Prusa i3, Makerbot, Anet A8, Duplicator i3, Tevo Tarantula, Maker Select V2 etc. It has a professional R&D team and high quality after-sales service to ensure that you can purchase at a reliable price. If you need more, please feel free to email or QA us, we and our engineers are very happy to assist you.

Package includes:
2 x 5015 fan cooling

Product Features

  • Brushless DC Blower Fan, best DIY replacement extruder hotend parts for Prusa i3 MK3.
  • Size: About 50x50x15mm/ 1.9×1.9×0.59 inch; Cable Length: about 750mm/ 29.5 inch
  • Rated Voltage: 5V, 0.35A
  • Please Note: the fan has two sides,but the side with sticker must be always facing the hotend (not visible when the fan is mounted).Otherwise,the cooling won’t work properly.
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, need more help please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to assist you.

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3D Printer Parts MK3 Spring Steel Sheet Heat Bed Platform, FYSETC MK52 Printing Buildplate with Hole for Reprap Prusa i3 MK3 MK2.5

1. FYSETC, the abbreviation of FuYuanSheng Electronics, an electronic technology company provide 3D printers solutions, open source hardware solutions and OEM service for Makers and engineers. Our products include 3D printers, aircrafts, IOT, and robots.

2. We offer many kinds of Printer Parts. Include Popular Printer CR-10, Ender 3, Prusa i3, Makerbot, Anet A8, Duplicator i3, Tevo Tarantula, Maker Select V2 etc.

3. There are many experienced electronic engineers, software engineers and mechanical engineers in our team to provide Affordable and reliable products and services.

Package Includes:

1X Steel Sheet
1X PEI Sheet (Gift)

Product Features

  • It is a must 3D Printer part for DIY or replace a new Prusa i3 MK3 printer hot bed, only fit for new magnetic MK52 heatbed, not include MK52 heat bed, not for other Prusa i3 serial.
  • Size: 254X241X3mm/ 10″X9.4″X0.1″. Gift: one piece PEI, PEI size: 254X254 mm( you can use scissors to cut any size).
  • Material: Steel, positive and negative have been completed drilling.
  • Thickness is 3mm, keep the flatness across whole area, more balanced thermal conductivity.
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replacement or refund, if you meet any issues, please feel free to email or Q&A us, we will try our best to assist you.

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FYSETC Prusa i3 MK3 Upgrade Hotend Parts, HT-NTC100K Thermistor Sensor High Temperature +300 Degrees 2 Pins for Reprap 3D Printer MK3 Extruder Heater Block, 3Pcs

Thermistor temperature measurement is stable. The temperature measurement of the upgraded HT-NTC100K can be up to 350 degrees, can effectively replace the K-type thermocouple.
Model: HT-NTC100K thermistor temperature sensor cable

Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor Model: B3950
Temperature measurement head size: 3 * 15mm
Material: Plastic+Metal
Size: 1 Meter, 10*10mm

Package Includes:
3 x HT-NTC100K Thermistor Temperature Sensor Cable

Product Features

  • Upgrade HT-NTC100K Thermistor: package temperature measurement. Temperature measurement head cylinder diameter 3mm, length 15mm, can be used with the heating block that support the thermocouple.
  • The temperature measurement: -50 °C ~ +350 °C, can replace the original K-type thermocouple temperature, very fit for printing high-temperature filament.
  • Adopts 304 stainless steel, with the internal temperature package to ensure the maximum service life with precision temperature measurement.
  • HT-NTC100K thermistor adopts white high-temperature cord, can bear higher temperature. And for customers’ convenience, the wires adopts line connection, the customer can tear the wires depends on their application. The high temperature line is double thicker than others in the market, not easy to break off.
  • After sales-guarantee: Need more help please email us, we will give you help within 24 hours.

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CTC A10S DIY 3D Printer Prusa I3 Half assembled DIY Kit, Aluminum Frame,Double Z-axis Motors ,More stable 3D Printers,with Filament ABS or PLA 1.75mm (Print Size: 300 * 300 * 400mm) (A10S)

Package Contents:

– 3D Printer DIY Kits (including Building Board and Tempered Glass)
– Replacement Screws and Screwdrivers
– Installation Instructions and Operating Instructions.
– SD Card * 1
– a roll of PLA filament for test.

Product specifications:

– Extruder quantity: 1
– Shaping: FDM
– Construction : Imported V-groove aluminum bearing
– Nozzle diameter: Standard 0.4mm (can be changed to 0.3 / 0.2mm)
– Printing method: SD card (off-line ), Contact to PC (on-line)
– LCD screen: 3-inch LCD screen with airplane button
– Power supply: Input: 110-240V Output: 12V 30A
– Hot Bed: Industrial Aluminum Alloy Platform 4mm Special Tempered Glass
– Operating Software: CURA, Repetier-Host Simplify 3D
– Software Support: PROE, Solid- works, UG, 3D Max, Rhino 3D Design Software, etc.
– Cura Language: English and Chinese
– Interface language: English and Chinese
– Format: STL, OBJ, G-Code,
– Operating System: Linux, Windows, OSX

Product Parameters:

– Print size: 300 * 300 * 400mm
– Printing accuracy: ± 0.1mm
Film thickness: 0.05-0.4mm (adjustable)
– Nozzle temp.: 250 degrees
– Extruder temperature: PLA:210
– Hot bed temperature: PLA: 45
– Printing speed: Normal: 80mm / s, Max.: 200mm / s
– Material: 1.75mm PLA, Wood

Packaging Details:

– Product Size: 490 * 600 * 615mm
– Package Size: 540 * 640 * 310 mm
– Net Weight: 10.3kg
– Gross weight: 14kg
– Working condition temp: 10-30 ℃, Humidity: 20-50%

Product Features

  • 1.A10S comes in three pre-assembled parts and only takes 10 minutes to install. All wires are clearly labeled and fast connections allow quick adjustments.
  • 2.Use latest V-slot linear bearing system, provide high accuracy and low noise printing. Industrial Boards for continuous printing for 200 hours. Sophisticated technology performance ensures stable performance.
  • 3.This is a dual-axis 3D printer.High accuracy bearings and quality parts. Seamlessly integrating profile bar and pulleys, the A10S linear bearing system provides a precise, stable and quiet 3D printing experience.
  • 4.The hot bed is aluminum PCD board. There is also a glass board attached, No worry about bent heated bed(300x300x400mm). Flat bed platform with big printing size. All in one design, the control board, LCD and power supply are designed together. It is safe, easy and good-looking.
  • 5.CTC is an established maker hardware vendor and a frequent Maker Faire exhibitor. We grant a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. Buying with confidence.

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