3D Printer Kit Prusa i3,Raiscube 3D Printer Desktop DIY Toys Models,Half Assembly 3D Machine Equipped with High Precision Extruder

3D Printers for personal,education,industry,technology
Excellent Function:
1.Compatible with many 3D filament types, such as ABS, PLA, HIP, PP and Nylon etc.
2.Updated sophisticated mainboard, superior power supply system, 240W, 110V-240V.
3.Smart high resolution nozzle, print stability, enjoy a high visual experience.
4.Hot bed: MK3-220+1.5MM SS “H” Board + NEMA17 Stepper together make a smooth and steady printing platform.

Product Information
Brand :Raiscube
Model No. : R5
Extruder Qty : Single
Machine Size : 45*44*50cm (L*W*H)
Printing Area :210*210*225mm
Package Size : 49*34.6*18.5cm
Machine Weight: 7.4kg
Gross Weight : 9.1kg
Filament Colors: White ,Red,Black,Blue,Green ,Yellow etc.(color sent randomly)
Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
Position Precision : Z axis: 0.004mm;XY axis: 0.012mm
Printing Precision : 0.05-0.3mm
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Print Speed : 10mm/s-120mm/s
Power Supply : 110/220V, 300W/25A
Bearing : Igus RJ4JP-01-08 11PCS
Max Control Temp. Extruder:260 °C
Max Temp. of HotBed:100°C
Recommend Temp.
ABS: Nozzle:235°C Hot Bed:100°C
PLA: Nozzle:200°C Hot Bed:50°C
Operating Software : CURA、Repetier-Host、Simplify 3D
Software supporting : PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design software, etc.
Supported File Types : STL, OBJ
Printing File Format : G-code
System Compatibility : Windows XP/Win7/Win 8/Linux/Mac/Win 10
Language : English
Connecting : SD card/USB

What in Package:
1.1 x R5 3D Printer (packaged in parts, need to be assembled by yourself)
2.1 x One Roll 0.25kg filament (PLA or ABS, Sent Randomly)
3.All assembly tools
4.All assembly datasheet (document, picture)
5.1x SD Card

Product Features

  • 1.Wide application for printing 3D toys, teaching equipment, and other technological devices, great for stimulate users’ creativity and inspiration and realize their ideal.
  • 2.Easy to install;Big Printing size:210 x 210 x225mm;with 250g free filament
  • 3.Three symmetrical cooling fans.Fast speed to cool, high molding efficiency, so you print a high precision model.
  • 4.Easy to run touch screen control panel.12864 LCD screen, English interface, One button for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing.
  • 5.Customer Service:Professional technical engineers are always available if you meet any questions during assembling.Please send us e-mail and you would get excellent response.

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ANET A8-T 3D Printer Kit DIY Prusa i3 LCD Display 8GSD Support Multi Filament large Print Size 220*220*230mm Acrylic Frame

✔Product Properties:

Model number: Anet-A8-T

Printing Speed: 100MM/S

Maximum Print Size: 220*220*230MM

Print Precision: 0.1-0.4MM

Layer Resolution: 0.1MM


Frame Material: Acrylic + Lead Screw

Secure digital memory card Slot: Yes

LCD Monitor Screen: Yes

X-Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.012MM

Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004MM

Extruder Quantity: 1

Extruder Dia: 0.4MM (Custom Options: 0.5/0.3/0.2MM)

Nozzle Temperature: Recommended: 210℃, Maximum 250 ℃

Ambient Temperature: Recommended: ≥ 25 ℃

Heating Plate Temperature: 50-110 ℃ (Adjustable)

Heating Plate Material: Aluminum

✔Filament Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, PVA, Nylon

Filament Dia.: 1.75MM

Data Format: STL, G-Code

Data Input: Secure digital memory card or USB Transfer Line

Compatible Computer OS: XP, Vista, for Win7,for Win8, for Win10, for Linux, for MAC

3D Printing Software: Repetier-Host

Plug type: UK

✔Power Supply: DC 12V/20A

Machine Size: 50*40*45cm

Package Size: 510*310*208MM

✔Package included:

1 x 3D Printer

Product Features

  • ✔Support the diversity of material: aluminum heating plate and wide temperature allow the printer, with many materials such as ABS, PLA ,wood, TPU, etc. to work.
  • ✔Large Print Size: 220 * 220 * 230mm and LCD panel. MK8 nozzle, cut quickly, high printing precision, good result and easy to load filament,the complex construction molding.
  • ✔Quick installation: According to the instructions, you can assemble it quickly. Your operating system for XP, Vista, for Win7,for Win8, for Win10, for Linux, for MAC.. Printing software: Repetier-Host. SD card is supported.
  • ✔Wide application: the equipment can be diffused in office, education digital institution, family, hospital etc. You can create character movie, children’s toys, quick model design, parts manufacturing, medical model.
  • ✔Service:15 days of return, 6 months of free repair. In the event of a power failure, after resetting the power, click continue to resume printing.

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Kuman Mechanical Endstop Limit Switch with Cable For 3D Printer RepRap Prusa Mendel CNC for Arduino Mega 2560 RAMPS 1.4(Pack of 6) KB01

Mechanical Endstop kit is for RepRap 3D Printers or CNC machines. Mechanical Endstop is supported by RepRap electronics, RAMPS 1.4 and by other popular RepRap boards.

Customized high quality connection, using 22AWG wire, copper wire inside is very thick, can be resistant to current 2A, 300V voltage. An insulating layer over a wide range of temperatures, up to 80 degrees. Is the common connection of thin copper wire can not match. Not easy to pull off, plug it convenient, for ease of use, plug the other side to do the one, you can use the direct plug.

Connection Description:
Red line connecting VCC (ramps of +)
Connect the black wire GND (ramps of -)
Green Line connection SIGNAL (ramps in s)
Tips: Under normal circumstances, the system must be configured to at least three mechanical switches.
Pros: Easy to install, the more common styles
Length of Cable: 70 cm
Size: 32 x 10mm
Quantity: 6 set

Package include:
6 x Mechanical Switch Endstop
6 x 3Pin 70cm Cable

Product Features

  • High quality switching element
  • Customized high quality connection, using 22AWG wire, the copper wire inside is thick which can withstand 2A current, 300V voltage
  • Wide insulation temperature range: The insulation temperature can reach 80 degrees, however the ordinary thin copper wire can not
  • The wire is strong and not easy to pull off
  • Easy to use: the other side of the plug to do a whole, can be inserted directly to use.

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TEVO Tarantula 3D Printer Prusa I3 Based Unassembled DIY Kit Aluminium Alloy Framed with Single Titan Extruder, Large Heatbed, Free Filament Rolls, SD card, Compatible with Windows, Linux & Mac

Build up Your Own 3D Printer Now
This WELQUIC 3D printer kit comes with parts that are easy to be assembled into one, you can either follow the user manual or watch the instruction videos on YouTube to build your own RepRap. It is inspired by Prusa I3 and it is able to be updated to the latest version as long as you want. This desktop 3D printer supports different file formats (STL, G-code & OBJ) and OS (Windows, Linux, Mac), allowing you to have more access to input your data and make it a real finished product.

High-Quality Material Enhances Performance
Its frame is made of aluminium alloy with mere 7.5 kg in weight and better durability than other acrylic made ones on the market. It features one certified 0.4 mm nozzle, with the assistant of precise positioning of XY axis (0.004 mm) and Z axis (0.012 mm), to improve its accuracy. Besides, it adopts a stable linear bearing system with less noise for high stability while promoting the printing efficiency. Meanwhile, the built-in belt transmission stably provides fast printing speed up to 150 mm/s for saving time.

Product Specification
Engraving Area:200 x 200 x 200 mm (7.87”x 7.87”x 7.87”)
Heating Plate Material: Aluminium
Printing Color: Single color
Printing Speed: up to 150 mm/s
LCD Screen: Yes
Layer Resolution: 50 microns
Filament Type: PLA, ABS, HIPS, WOOD, PVA
Filament Dia.: 1.75mm
Recommended Extruder Temperature: 210°C (260°C, Max).
Heating Plate Temp: 60-110℃
Best Working Temp: 25℃
Connection: TF/ SD card, USB
Power Requirement: 110V 60Hz/ 220V 50Hz, 250W, 0.89A
Weight: 7.50 kg (16.52 lbs)
Size: 430x 440x 400 mm (16.93”x 17.32”x 15.75”)
Versatile Application: Business, educational or personal use

Package includes:
1x 3D Printer Kit with Assembly Tools
1x 8GB SD Card
1x User Manual
1x 2.0 USB
2x Free Filament Rolls
1x Titan Extruder

Product Features

  • HIGH PRECISION & METAL MADE EXTRUDER: Improved accuracy ensured by a certified 0.4 mm nozzle with the help of precise positioning of XY axis (0.004 mm) and Z axis (0.012 mm); the titan extruder supports multiple filaments such as PLA, ABS and more
  • ALUMINIUM ALLOY STRUCTURE & MKS MOTHERBOARD: Adopts aluminium alloy frame for super durability and portability with mere 7.5 kg weight; integrated MKS mainboard is protected by acrylic material with foolproof socket, preventing from mismatches
  • STABLE BEARING SYSTEM & BELT TRANSMISSION: Linear bearing system offers high stability with less noise while improving printing efficiency; belt drive structure stably provides with fast speed up to 150 mm/s with an exquisite look
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & GREAT UPGRADABILITY: You can simply follow the user manual or the instruction videos from YouTube to build your own 3D printer; The design is inspired by Prusa I3 so it is fully open source and upgradable to the latest version
  • MULTIPLE FILES/ OS SUPPORTED & VERSATILE APPLICATION: It is compatible with multiple OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) & file formats (STL, G-code & OBJ); you can use it to build some widgets or big models, ideal for both business and personal uses

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