Premium 3D Print Removal Tool Kit – Durable 3D Printer Tools with Sturdy Comfort Grips, Sharp and Hardened Blades for Easy Separation of Prints, Knife and Spatula Set of 2 – Enhanced Version

Are you looking for a 3D print removal toolset with
Solid, riveted handles that won’t come loose and start spinning, twisting or turning after use?
Hardened stainless steel blades that are optimally flexible without being too flimsy and/or getting scratched and gouged by the print bed surface due to their softness?
A knife tool with a sharpened front edge (flat bottom) for getting under even the most-adhered prints with ease?
Ability to reach into the back under larger parts, sweep across and lever them off, as well as handle smaller, more delicate objects?
Durable comfort handles with grips designed for a firm hold that feel good in the hand and look stylish too?
Safe, rounded blades easier on your fingers, prints and printer surface?

REPTOR 3D Print Removal Tools have been designed with all these aspects in mind.
These tools are not your average repurposed painters putty knives with cramp rings that come loose or fall apart before long when used to remove 3D prints!

This REPTOR toolset is designed to get even the most stubborn prints off the bed without distorting them or damaging the print bed surface. Both handles have solid rivets in them that will hold the blades in place and will not permit the blades to turn or yield. The knife with its 4.92″ blade and beveled front edge can be used to sweep across and reach into the back under larger parts and provide leverage to pop even a stubborn piece up while the spatula is thin and flexible enough to get under even the most delicate of objects without distorting them.

They are the perfect duo – practical and durable, yet comfortable and stylish! Get yours now!

Product Features

  • DURABLE, RIGID CONSTRUCTION; No more repurposed artist spatulas with spinning, twisting and turning cramp rings!
  • PRACTICAL BUT TENDER; Gently slide underneath prints with ease to protect the build bed surface yet with a good reach
  • OPTIMUM FLEXIBILITY; Flexible but not too thin or flimsy – not dull and rigid like the putty knives for 3d printer bed
  • STYLISH & VERSATILE; Offset spatula with a rubber comfort grip, knife has a thick wood handle suitable for larger parts
  • PROFESSIONAL ADDITION TO YOUR 3D PRINTER ACCESSORIES; 3D printer tool set for print removal of PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG etc

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Copernicus School Classroom Office 3D Printer Cart – Premium Model

As schools begin to explore the exciting capabilities of 3D Printing, the need to properly store the required tools and materials increases. This 3D Printer Cart allows printing equipment to be shared around the school easily and keeps everything that you need close at hand. The 3D Printing Cart is also ideal for libraries where diverse creative activities are undertaken and space is limited. Read what Gary Stager has to say about 3D printing. Frame measures with spool arm – 59″ (150cm) H x 36″ (91cm) W x 24″ (64cm) D. Frame measures without spool arm – 41″ (104cm) H x 36″ (91cm)W x 24″ (64cm)D. Maximum printer size: 24″D x 26 1/2″W. Tech Tub Measures: 14″(36cm)L x 12″(30cm)W x 16″(41cm)D. Open Tubs Measure 12 9/16″(32cm) L x 15 5/8″(40cm) W x 6″(15cm) D (outer measurements). Really Big Tub Measures 6″(15cm) D x 25″(64cm) L x 13 1/2″(34cm) W. 25lb weight limit on spool holder.

Product Features

  • Accomodates 3D Printers with a footprint of up to 24
  • Base Tech Tub for locking up specialized equipment and tools (supply your own padlock)
  • 2 Open Tubs. 1 Really Big Tub. 4
  • 6 outlet power strip. Adjustable spool holder (holds maximum of 4 spools)
  • Sliding laptop shelf fits laptops up to 17

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CREOZONE Premium Quality Nylon Filament for 3D Printer Durable Wear-Resistant 3D Printing Materials (Black)

Why Should You choose Creozone Filament

No jamming: Excellent fluidity, feeding smoothly, stable output 

No drawing: Shaping easily, excellent surface glossiness 

No bubbles: Critical factor of the filament quality 

Precision process 

Wide range of processing temperature, low warping 

Good toughness, stable in performance 

ECO-Friendly and biodegradable materials, Non-toxic.

Product Features

  • CREOZONE Nylon filament is a strong durable material.
  • Not as brittle as ABS or PLA
  • The strength of the filament is remarkable when using a higher fill setting
  • Nylon prints are generally very wear resistant
  • Many users prefer Nylon when printing engineered parts such as gears.

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1Kg spool of NATURAL Premium quality PLA 3D printer filament 1.75mm suitable for most 3D printers

Our bubble free NATURAL High Quality PLA filaments work on all 3D desktop printers providing your machine is able to take PLA.

All full rolls of filament come vacuum sealed in a bag with silicone desiccant. We recommend keeping it stored that way until you are ready to use it. Filaments not in use are best kept in an airtight container.

Product Features

  • 1, PLA is a renewable compostable degradable material
  • 2, PLA processing temperature is 200 ℃, ABS above 230 ℃
  • 3, PLA has a low melt strength, easier shaping print model, excellent surface gloss, colorful
  • 4, PLA has low shrinkage, also performed well even when printing a large make-inch model; diameter: 1.75MM
  • suitable for most 3D printers using 1.75mm filament

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