3D Printer PLA Filament 3D Printing Materials 1KG 1.75mm 3D PLA Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm (Red)

Diameter1.75mm: 325M
Printing temperature180-230 degree centigrade
Flow velocity
Net weight1Kg
Packed weight1.4Kg
Print speed 40-100mm/s
Plate SizeD=200mm, H=65mm, Hole:58mm
Flexural ModulusMore than 60Mpa
Tensile strengthMore than 60Mpa
Breaking elongationMore than 3%
Bubble100% no bubbles
DistinctionEnvironmentally friendly, Beautiful appearance, high strength, Applicable to all models of 3D printers

Product Features

  • 1.75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm)
  • 1 KG (approximately 2.20 lbs) Spool
  • High purity , Uniform discharge, no plug;
  • High toughness and beautiful for Print out the model;
  • Printing temperature 180-230 degree centigrade;More than 20 colors are available.

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EOS introduces three high-performance 3D printing materials for industrial use

EOS has introduced three new high-performance additive manufacturing (AM) polymer materials to its portfolio through its ALM subsidiary.

ALM is a customised materials solutions division of EOS, and its latest material products are being suggested for use in industrial applications, particularly in the aerospace sector. The materials, ALM HP 11-30, ALM FR-106 and ALM PA 640-GSL, are already being utilised by multiple EOS partners in North America and will be available throughout Europe from March 2018.

The ALM HP 11-30 product is a carbon fibre-reinforced polyamide 11 material, which boasts high strength, impact resistance and a good elongation at break. Additionally, EOS says parts made with this material have well-balanced mechanical properties. It is being touted as a material best suited to mechanical wear and applications which are required to be tough and durable. EOS believes it will therefore be of particular interest to the motorsport industry.

ALM FR-106 is a flame-retardant polyamide 11, said to feature significant strength and toughness. Meeting FAR 25.853 aviation standards, the material is being highlighted as an option for players in the aerospace industry. This standard concerns aircraft cabin safety and focuses on the flammability of certain products. The ALM FR-106 material, EOS suggests, is ideal for the additive manufacture of housings, casings and hard-wearing fasteners, parts where flame-retardant properties and thin walls are an advantage.

The third addition to EOS material portfolio, the ALM PA 640-GSL, is a polyamide 12 material filled with hollow glass microspheres and carbon fibres. It delivers the same properties as a normal glass filled polyamide but is lightweighted, according to EOS. This makes the material ideal for the production of parts which require low weight, high strength, and rigidity. ALM PA 640-GSL is also said to have increased thermal resistance and excellent surface quality. Potential beneficiaries include the aerospace, shipping, sports, model making, and motorsport sectors.

Together, the three materials enhance EOS AM materials portfolio, and enables greater opportunities for industrial players.

“EOS is broadening its range of available materials, while also opening up new application areas for industrial 3D printing at the same time,” commented Dr Tobias Abeln, Chief Technical Officer at EOS. “ALM materials – like EOS materials – are going through extensive quality testing in order to fulfil high customer requirements, particularly from even highly regulated industries. As of February 2018, ALM received its formal ISO 9001:2015 certification that specifies the requirements for a quality management in organisations.”

Anpro PLA 3D Printer Filament for 3D Printers, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, Black – 3D PLA filament, 3D Printing Materials

Package included:
1*3D Printer Filament

Product Features

  • Weight: 1 kg (approximately 2.20 lbs) spool with vacuumed sealed package
  • Diameter: 1.75mm PLA Filament with tolerance of +/- 0.05mm
  • Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 200 °C
  • Wide usage: This filament spool can be used for most types of 3D printing and is excellent for detailed and demanding applications
  • Extra Shovel: Equipped with an removal tool to help you remove the item easily

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Creozone PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75 1KG, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 2.2 lbs Filament 3D Printing Materials for Most 3D Printers & 3D Pens; (Orange)

Why Choose CREOZONE PLA 3D Printer Filament

★ We hand check each spool and vacuum seal to make sure excellent quality. 

★ Tight tolerances are run on our filament. No bubbles or oily residues. 

★ This 3D printer filaments are compatible with most FDM 3D printers.

★ Comes with a spool in a sealed package with a bag 

CREOZONE PLA 3D Printer Filament Specific

★1.75 mm Diameter

★+/- 0.03 mm Tolerance 

★190°C – 210°C(374°F – 410°F)Recommended Nozzle Temperature


★360 yd / 330 m One Spool 

★ 8 Colors for choose: Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray, Clear and Red.

How to Store CREOZONE PLA 3D Printer Filament

★Keep material in sealed bag until use it

★Avoid Water. Keep in dry place

★Keep away from heat

Product Features

  • Spool Diameter: 7.87″ – Spool Width: 2.36″ – Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.95″
  • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature: 195°C – 215°C (383°F – 419°F)
  • Filament Diameter Tolerances: Dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03mm consistent feeding and stable printing
  • Vacuum Sealed: Our vacuum sealed packaging guarantees you to keep the 3D printer filament in best conditions and performance before opening the vacuum sealed package.
  • For Common 3D printers: such as Creozone, XYZprinting, MakerBot, Monoprice, FlashForge, 3D Systems, HICTOP, Anycubic and etc.

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