Lmystar 3D Printer,RAISCUBE A8R 3D Printer Kits Desktop DIY 3D Printing Machine Full Aluminum Printing Size 210 x 210 x 225 mm – Black

1.Not Acrylic,8mm (2.5mm inner)ALUMINUM instead completely, strong and solid.
2.3D Printer Parts,Aluminum or ABS Injection instead. Make it a TOOL (Machine) rather than a TOY.
3.Parts made by high precision technology with female screws, solid and steady.
4.Motherboard wire is assembled leaving terminals outside to connect function parts, easy for wire connections.
5.Machine weight 8.2kgs, gross weight 9.5kgs. It is metal and light.
6.Avg installation time (from package to make it work) is 2-3 hours EST (50mins by factory people).
7.Solid, precise,run fast. Max print speed upto 250mm/s.
Basic Information:
Model Number : A8R
Printing specifications:
Print technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Supported print materials : ABS, PLA etc.
Printing Size : 210 * 210 * 225 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Print Speed: 10 – 300 mm /s
Printing Precision: 0.05-0.3mm
Locate Precision: Z axis: 0.004mm;
XY axis: 0.012mm
Electrical and Temperature:
Power Supply: 110/220V, 240W
Max Control Temp. Extruder: 260 °C
Max Temp. of HotBed: 100°C
Recommend Temp. :
ABS: Nozzle:235 °C , Hot Bed:100 °C
PLA: Nozzle:200 °C , Hot Bed:50 °C
Software and System:
Operating system: XP/WIN7/WIN8/Mac/Lunix
Software : Cura/Repetier-Host
Supported file formats : STL / OBJ / G-code
Connectivity :USB online or SD card (support off-line printing)
Basic physical parameter data:
Machine size(Built) : 444 * 420 * 577mm
Package Size : 485 * 413 * 195 mm
Machine Net Weight : 8.2 kg
Machine Gross Weight: 9.5 kg
Package Including:
1 x RAISCUBE A8R 3D printer
1 x SD Card-8GB ( There is some installation instructions, software and some 3d print files )
1 x 10 meter 3D Printing filament

Product Features

  • Model: A8R 3D Printer machine aluminum frame open mold customization, higher precision; Casting Aluminum Frame, CNC high precision processed of Aluminum Link Blocks(Left&Right), solid metal made, time to say Bye to Acrylic and plastic link blocks;Solid quality, steady in printing, smoothy movement of X and Z Axises, longer life of printer, outstanding printing quality
  • Hot bed aluminum substrate stickers, the use of fine pattern matte mattress, to prevent the edge is raised, take the model more simple
  • Three Cooling Fans: Can quickly cool the model, even heat, print smooth, no plug, not collapse material. Quick Modular Installation: Only four steps to complete the machine installation, more time-saving, more effort DIY experience; Print Faster and Faster: Support fast printing, precision up to 0.05mm, speed up to 250mm/s; Excellent Extruder: Perfect high performance, lightweight and universal extrusion
  • Multi-material Compatibility: Supported with many 3D filament types, such as ABS, PLA etc material. Also we presented you a roll of 10 meters of white PLA material, eliminating the cost of purchasing materials
  • Customer Service: We provide comprehensive pre-sales consulting and after-sales service, you can ask questions at the Q & A of the listing before purchasing, as well as in “Ask Queations” at the store, ask us a question. After purchase, you can also contact us by mail, whether it is installation or 3D printer technical problems. Professional technical engineers are always available if you meet any questions .Please send us e-mail and you would get satisfactory answer

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Zzanggu Flexible Shaft Couplings 5mm to 8mm(2PCS) NEMA 17 Stepper Motors for RepRap 3D Printer or CNC Machine, 3D Printer Accessories

Zzanggu 2PCS Flexibility Coupling, Shaft Couplings 5mm to 8mm for 3D Printer or CNC Machine

【Shaft Usage Range】

Suitable for 5mm to 8mm/ 0.19 to 0.31 inch

【Materials】 Aluminum alloy

【Size】 25mm x 19mm(L x D)

【Main Color】 Silver

【Weight】 18g / 0.63 oz


[1] Zero backlash. One-piece metallic spring coupling. For little torque shaft connect

[2] Flex capability of the coupler removes stress when shafts are not aligned perfectly

[3] Useful in RepRap 3D Printers and small CNC machines

[4] Compatible with NEMA 17 stepper motors (for 5mm to 8mm shaft diameter).

【Packaging Includes】

Flexibility Coupling(5mm to 8mm) x2

Product Features

  • Flexible Coupling Range: 5mm to 8mm / 0.19 to 0.31 inch
  • Material: Aluminum alloy with 25mm x 19mm(L x D)
  • Flexibility of this coupler removes stress between motor and driving component
  • Shaft Coupling with zero backlash for little torque shaft connect
  • Useful in RepRap 3D Printers and small CNC machines, compatible with NEMA 17 stepper motors (for 5mm to 8mm shaft diameter)

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3D Nail Printers Portable Painting Machine Automatic Mobile Wireless Transfer Digital All-intelligent Nail Printers (black) V11 Model

Size:175*175*168 Voltage:220v Input power: DC24V 1A Power: 24W Plug: EU/UK Plug https://www.youtube.com/embed/Iw4qrNVszvc?rel=0

Product Features

  • What is O’2nails Mobile digital nail printer: It combines printing technology and nail art, which enable nail printer to print any pictures even your photos on the nail. The machine controlled by O’2nails APP through WIFI, the APP is free and available for both iphone and Andriod phone.
  • How to use: You just need to do some basic manicure care for your nail first, just need to apply base gel, base color gel as a background and etc, then print your favorite picture with our nail printer. Only 40 seconds, the picture will on your nail.
  • The advantages of O’2nails : Up to 800 nail art designs in APP’s gallery for your selection, or picking up your favorite photos from the album of your smartphone. Professional design team will upload several new designs to APP every week, you can download and use them for free. And our unique inkjet printing technology ensures the high resolution and clear vision of print effect.
  • Certified Safe: Our nail printer has already passed ROHS, CE, FCC certification, besides printer, all consumables you need to use with machine have MSDS report. O’2nails protect safety system ensures complete protection for you.
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/Iw4qrNVszvc?rel=0

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SummerYoung 3D digital nail art printer Painting Digital Nail Flower Art Printing Machine DIY Tool

100% brand new & high quality
Color:as   the   picture  show
Size:280X250X430  (MM)

Hyun refers to intelligent nail machine
Is a nail or nail painting on any pattern. Nail art equipment in any color

1. High-speed high-precision nail painting
2. Powerful DIY features, arbitrary generated massive personality patterns
3. Professional nail style mall, I wish you the perfect copy of the fashion trend
4. Online tutorial service, easy to master the operation
5. Pattern size arbitrarily adjusted, precise positioning
6.7.9-inch large-screen touch screen
7. Full technology fashion taste

Package :
1X nail painting machine
1X power adapter
1X nail holder
1X universal socket
Do not place in bright light, otherwise the glue will dry out. With UV, LED phototherapy lamp use

Product Features

  • Size:280X250X430 (MM)
  • High-speed high-precision nail painting
  • Powerful DIY features, arbitrary generated massive personality patterns
  • Professional nail style mall, I wish you the perfect copy of the fashion trend
  • Online tutorial service, easy to master the operation

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