Screw Rod -400mm 3D Printer T8-2 8mm Lead Threaded Screw Rod Linear Rail Bar Shaft & Brass Nut

100% Brand new.
We provide six kinds of specifications for you,there are 100mm/200mm/250mm/300/350mm/400mm, there have same lead of thread(8mm) which is the distance of the nut to rotate a circle.
Screw diameter: 8mm/0.31″.
Length: 100mm(3.94″)/200mm(7.87″)/250mm(9.84″)/300mm(11.81″)/350mm(13.78″)/400mm(15.75″).
Screw spacing: 2mm/0.08″.
Lead of thread: 8mm/0.31″.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel material, not rust, durable.
  • Easy to install and convenient to use,no need to process.
  • Fine producing and practical.
  • Application of machine tool guide rail and other equipment.
  • Material: Stainless steel lead screw, copper nut.

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NT takes the lead in 3D metal printing

Top-view of 3D printer printhead

Top-view of 3D printer printhead

Latest News

The world’s first commercial LightSPEE3D metal printer located at Charles Darwin University in NT, has produced a copper flywheel that took 11 minutes and 38 seconds to produce at a cost of $4.60, demonstrating the capability of the LightSPEE3D printer to generate low-cost metal parts at high speed, which is revolutionary in metal manufacturing.

The 3D printer is at the centre of a new industrial transformation research hub for advanced manufacturing in the Northern Territory, known as the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (AMA).

The AMA is an open alliance founded by the Darwin-based start-up company that invented the printer, SPEE3D, and CDU. The Alliance aims to build a user base through local and global business members, and to collaborate with global research networks in advanced manufacturing.

Co-inventor of the technology, Steven Camilleri said that until now the metal manufacturing industry, worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year globally, had used mass production techniques that were slow, inflexible and expensive.

“Lead times from design to first prototype are long, often taking months, and prototyping is expensive because of the need for specialised tooling and design-specific moulds,” Camilleri said.

He said that while traditional 3D metal printing had improved simplicity and immediacy to the manufacturing process, there had been little uptake in the casting industry because the technology could not deliver the required speed and uniformity in strength and shape.

“SPEE3D has produced and patented a truly innovative and transformative advanced manufacturing technology,” Camilleri said.

“The LightSPEE3D machine demonstrates the strength, repeatability, and mass production capabilities of tried-and-tested metal casting together with the simplicity and immediacy of 3D printing.”  

CDU’s deputy vice-chancellor and vice president research and research training, professor Lawrence Cram said the AMA would develop applications for the SPEE3D’s high speed metal printing processes that would contribute to Australia’s capacity in advanced manufacturing.

“The AMA hub will accelerate research to assist with commercialising the technology, and also will launch new training programs,” Cram said.

“While the technology has global applications, we also expect to deliver wide-ranging impacts across the Territory including producing new tools, technologies, and skills, and generating professional, university-qualified jobs.”

Industries that could benefit immediately from the technology included defence and aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

“Our work at the AMA will place the Northern Territory at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in metal,” Cram said.

SODIAL(R) 3D Printer hotbed MOSFET expansion module inc 2pin lead Anet A8 A6 A2 Compatible Black

* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration.
SODIAL(R) 3D Printer hotbed MOSFET expansion module inc 2pin lead Anet A8 A6 A2 Compatible Black
Color: Black
Material: plastic
If your total power usage is 240W and you have 12V power supply, then it means at least 20A is needed (20X12=240W).
As controller board is only capable of 15A this setting will not work. To make it work, you need this extra power module.
This module can be used in both Chitu motherboard, and other open 3D Printer motherboards.
This module under normal cooling is found stable work situation at I (Max) = 25A, the using current should not exceed 25A.
If you intend to use heated bed with your 3D printer that uses a 12V power supply, then this module is recommended, else it may cause excessive current during times which may burn the connectors on the controller board.
Anet A8,A6,A2 Compatible.
Package Contents:
1 x MOSFET expansion module
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Product Features

  • It very often that after purchasing 3D printer (especially in Anet A8, A6, A2) motherboard is getting all load to heat up Printing Hotbed. That creates fire hazard problems as connectors are not suitable for that high loads.
  • Hence that issue MOSFET Module is solving existing problems by taking the load off the motherboard.
  • It also solving print quality issues as motherboard is not heavily overloaded with power consumption of heating printbed.
  • It is used not for hotbed only. It is very common that it is used for extruder’s heating element too.
  • MAinly it is to take the load off the motherboard and make motherboard more stable and power interference free.

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