CoLiDo 3D Printing Filament PLA 1.75mm Spool Purple 500G LCD004PQ7J

CoLiDo is inextricably linked with Print-Rite, one of the world’s leading print consumable companies that is always synonymous with quality, reliability and affordability.
Leveraging our proven manufacturing capabilities, extensive engineering expertise, Print-Rite now also offers a divers line up of 3D printers and filaments.

CoLiDo PLA filament can be used in wide range of available colors, translucencies and glossy feel. It often attracts those who print for display or small household use. It’s a popular plastic for home printers, hobbyists, and schools.

CoLiDo 3D Filament Specification
Material: PLA
Color: Purple
Nozzle Temperature: 190°C~210°C
Platform Temperature: 60°C~70°C
Diameter: 1.75mm
Net weight: 500G

Why choose CoLiDo 3D PLA filament?
1. Compatible for desktop 3D printers that without chip using FDM technology and 1.75mm filament, such as CoLiDo, MakerBot, XYZprinting, Flashforge, Wanhao, etc.
2. Environment protection comes from renewable biodegradable polymer plastic.
3. High precision, uniform diameter and tolerance is lower than ±0.03mm, stable melting point.
4. Widely used in all kinds of field, for example literature, DIY, archaeological, education, toys, medical, etc.

Kindly Reminder
CoLiDo filaments are packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag with desiccant. Particularly if it is not used for an extended period of time, this ensures the quality over time. Please store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from UV light.

Customer Service
Any problems, please feel free to contact to us at any time and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Or you can access website for more information.
Thank you for choosing CoLiDo.

Product Features

  • High precision: uniform diameter (tolerance ±0.03mm) + stable melting point
  • Printouts with excellent surface gloss
  • Non-toxic and odourless
  • Nozzle Temperature: 190°C~210°C. Platform Temperature: 60°C~70°C

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