Debating the merits of 3D printing versus injection molding

Is 3D printing just another tool in the engineer’s toolbox or a technology that will fundamentally disrupt injection molding? Or is it positioned somewhere in between? Experts from the injection molding and additive manufacturing spaces debated this topic during a panel discussion at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Expo in Cleveland last week. In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire conversation by clicking on the audio file below.

The lively exchange explores the advantages of 3D printing—design freedom, mass customization and personalization—as well as the challenges—consistently meeting tolerances, achieving acceptable aesthetics without a lot of post-process work and sourcing from a limited portfolio of materials.  

Shana Leonard, Vice President of Content & Strategies at UBM, moderated the panel, which included John Budreau of PTI Engineered Plastics, Thomas Davis of Proto Labs and Scott Kraemer of 3D printing technology company Carbon.

Happy listening!

DIY Delta 3D Printer Kit Injection Model Reprap Kossel Mini Auto-level Rostock Pulley Printer With 1Kg Free Filament

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Printer Parameters Body size: width 30cm
height 68cm
Print size: base: 180mm height: 350mm Temperature 200 LCD screen 20*4 character
Input Power: AC 100-240V
Output Power: DC 12V/60W
Assembled Weight: 8 kg
Communication: Interface USB/SD card
Mainboard: Dashboard mega2560
Colour of the printer: black
Printing layer thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
Printing speed: 20-100mm/s
Print accuracy: 0.005mm
Material type: 1.75mm ABS
injection molded: laser cut acrylic frame
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Pla can ship what your favorite color

Product Features

  • FEATURE:1.Dual duct effector 2.High strength wire feeder 3.Injection molded of non-standard parts. 4.High performance control panel 5.Black oxide aluminum
  • EASY TO USE: Exclusive research and development of auto-leveling system make your hands free.
  • THE PRINTER has advanced auto-leveling effector. Special cooling fan and Dual duct can cool the extrusion instantly. So it can avoid the drop making hollow texture , inclination printing and long bridge a better effect.
  • ENJOY THE HIGH SPEED PRINTING:When printing at a high speed,you do not have to wait a long time for a nature cooling of the fuse. You can enjoy the high speed printing under the same effect.
  • IMPROVED auto-leveling plan and added spring assist the springback with high precision injection molded parts which can improve the accuracy of the probe greatly.Adopting the screw bilateral fixed bearing design to achieve the same intensity as metal extruder and never deformation. Free upgrades for wing nut makes you adjust easily.

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Anycubic DIY Extruder Compatible 1.75mm/3mm Filament Extruder Wire Feeder in lightweight Injection Plastic Version

This Extruder is compatible with a variety of printing filaments, suitable for 1.75mm & 3.00mm filament
With high print speed and movement speed
Lightweight injection version, Small impulse
Compatible with various types of wire feeder gear and conventional bearings

Package List:
1X Extruder ( Stepper motor is not included)

Product Features

  • Compatible 1.75mm & 3.00mm filament
  • With high print speed and movement speed
  • Lightweight injection version
  • Small impulse

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Micromake Plastic Injection DIY Non-standard Parts Set Kossel Delta 3D Printer

Package includes
3pcs*Plastic Injection Molding Pulley Parts for Micromake Kossel Frame Delta 3D Printer
3pcs* Belt connecting parts
3pcs*top Vertax parts
3pcs*bottom Vertax parts
3pcs*limited positioning parts
1pc*inner clamp
1pc*outer clamp
2pcs*LCD Bracket
3pcs*glass clamp
4pcs*Micromake 3D Printer Plastic Injection DIY Effector Parts

Product Features

  • 1.Micromake 3D Printer Effector Set+Pulley Set+Vertex Set+Extruder Set+Effector Set
  • 2.Adopt the Brand-new ABS alloy material from Korea, higher intensity, higher toughness, not cracked.
  • 3.After the non-standard parts injection molded, it can keep the same size completely.
  • 4.This avoid the printing error so as to improve the stability and accuracy of the printer and easy for assembly.
  • 5.Note: After change the effector, you need to download the newest Cura in Skydrive, click “machine”, choose “install default firmware”, or it will not auto-level.

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