TRIGORILLA ANYCUBIC I3 Mega 3D Printer All Metal Printing with Patented Ultrabase Heated Bed for 1.75mm Filament PLA/ABS/HIPS/Wood

Trigorilla ANYCUBID i3 Mega Advantage:

【1】Filament Sensor: A built-in sensor recognizes low filament levels and will pause printing in progress until filament is reloaded.
【2】Comes with Cura as the slicer to convert your STL files to Gcode for use with this printer. Easy for you to start your printing.
【3】TFT Touch Screen: 3.5″ touch screen gives you easy operation and instant previews of 3D model files.
【4】Updated Structure: Full metal structure and dual Z axis make it more stable, higher precision and quieter when printer
【5】Over 24 hours testing before shipping and one year warranty.
【6】Good printing quality, high precious printer and reasonable cost for the beginners and good performance for the enthusiasts.


Modeling Technology:FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Positioning Accuracy: X/Y 0.125mm,Z 0.002mm
Printing Size: 210 x 210 x 205 mm
Machine Size: 405x410x453 mm
Gross weight: ~11 kg
Printing Speed: 20~100mm/s
Traveling Speed:100mm/s
Filament:1.75mm PLA,ABS,HIPS,WOOD
Layer Thickness:0.05-0.3mm
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm


Input:AC 100-220V 50-60Hz
Working Voltage: 12V DC


Slice Software: Cura
Software Input Formats:STL,OBJ,DAE,AMF
Software output Formats: GCode
Working Mode:Online or SD offline


Max Nozzle Temperature:260℃
Max Hot bed Temperature:110℃
Ambient Operating Temperature: 8℃-40℃


Every 3D printer would be trough over 24 hours testing before the shipping. There may exist some marks on the platform after testing. Please use the soft cloth with alcohol to clean it.

Product Features

  • 【Resume Printing】: It could resume printing from where the last print was stopped due to power failure
  • 【3 Steps Fast Assembly】: You just need to install 8 screws and connect 3 wires before the first printer and then start your printing on the 3.5-inch TFT touch screen
  • 【Patented Heated Bed】: ANYCUBIC Ultrabase with strong adhesion and the smoothly lattice bottom surface, easier to take off model by hands
  • 【High cost-effective FDM 3D Printer Kit】: Including 3D printers, CD cards, printing supplies, USB data cables, power cords, tool kits, hanging posts, user guides, etc.
  • 【NOTE】: Large Building Size: 210 x 210 x 205mm. We offer 100% original ANYCUBIC 3D Printer professional after sales technical support.

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3D Printer Anet A8 A6 Parts, FYSETC Heated Bed Cable Hot Bed Line Heatbed Wire for Anet A8 A6 MK2 MK3 Mendel Reprap i3

FYSETC are professional 3D Printer Accessories manufacturer, focussing on every 3D Printer Parts, thank you for choosing us, if you have any good suggestion or need more further please feel free to email or QA us, we and our engineers will be happy to assist you.

Package includes: 1 Pcs Hotbed line

Product Features

  • 100% brand new 3D Printer Parts and Accessories: silicone stranded wires for better flexibility and wear.
  • Additonal positive and negative wires to utilise all of the heatbed pins and reduce load.
  • Length: 90cm/ 35.4 in,
  • Please kindly note: only heated bed wire, not includes heat bed
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replacement or refund, if you meet any issues, please feel free to email or Q&A us, we will try our best to assist you.

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TRIGORILLA ANYCUBIC Ultrabase 3D Printer Heated Bed Platform/Glass Plate/with Microporous Coating (220 * 220mm with Heated Bed)

TriGorilla – Anycubic Ultrabase 220*220mm glass platform Heated for 3D printer

Ultrabase has a better adhesion at high temperatures for plastics such as PLA, TPU, ABS, PC,Nylon, PP, and PETG.

Once the print has finished, easy to separate the plastic parts when cooling.

Temperature settings for different filaments:


TPU / Flexible filament: 50-70℃

PETG: 50-70℃





Package Included:

1 x 220*220mm Ultrabase with Heated


1.Be careful the hot surface during operation, only remove the print models when the bed cooling.

2.Should notice the distance, Never let the nozzle directly rub against the ultrabse.

3.The heating bed and the nozzle need the right temperature for the filament.

PLA / TPU / PETG / Flexible filament: 50-70 ℃ / ABS: 100-125 ℃ (recommended 110 ℃)

PC: 100-130 ℃ (recommended 120 ℃) / PP: 100-130 ℃ (recommended 120 ℃) / nylon: 90-120 ℃ (recommended 110 ℃)

Product Features

  • Durable Building Surface: Special coating under Scanning Electron Microscope has a hardness of 8 Mohs and heat resistance up to 400 ℃. Avoid replacing plastic film
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large models. Just wipe it with alcohol-soaked cloth/tissue when necessary.
  • Better Adhesion: Covered by microporous coating with better adhesion during printing.
  • High Performance: It has a chemical tempering glass as the matrix, which has been inspected to ensure flatness better than 0.2 mm
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with 3d printer like MK2, MK3, Prusa i3 , Mega etc

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Carremark Heated Bed Spring for Creality 3D CR-10 CR-10S CR-10 Mini 3D Printer


Compression spring is used for heated bed assembly or other equipment.

Material: stainless steel, durable, long lifespan.

Better corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

Design for 3D Printer heatbed, extruder, perfecet for Creality 3D CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10Mini.


Colour: Random.

Material: spring steel.

Shape: scroll spring.

Size: 25 x 10 x 5 mm.


1 x spring.

Product Features

  • Compression spring is used for heated bed assembly or other equipment.
  • Material: stainless steel, durable, long lifespan.
  • Better corrosion resistance and surface hardness.
  • Design for 3D Printer heatbed, extruder, perfecet for Creality 3D CR-10, CR-10S, CR-10Mini.
  • Specifications: Colour: RandomMaterial: spring steelShape: scroll springSize: 25 x 10 x 5 mm.

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