BQ Easy Go Printing Materials PLA bq 1.75mm Fluorescent, green

BQ PLA Printing Filament (1.75mm) Contains 1kg of Filament (Fluorescent Green)

Product Features

  • Compatible with any printer that uses 1.75mm filament
  • Colour: Fluorescent Green

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3D Printing Filament, 20 Packs PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills, No smells and easy to peel off filament for 3D Printer, 100m Length, No bubbles, 1.75mm, Colourful

💚 3D Printing Filament – Tecboss 💚

Tecboss 3D printing filament fits for 1.75mm heads of 3D printing pen, easy to mould. It is a friendly environmental material and no strange smells. It’s a good gift for you to decorate DIY cards or design an artwork.

No harmful smell: Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly material
Safe: Use safely and widely
High Quality: The quality is higher than ABS and do not exist bubbles
Looks Beautiful: It is shiny and also comes out shiny
Work Fast: Heated up within 1 minute and peels off the paper easily
20 Colours: Colours are bright and vibrant

Material: PLA
Diameter: 1.75mm
Colors: 20 types
Each Roll overall Length: 5 meters
PLA extrusion temperature: 170℃-190℃

20 pcs PLA printing Filament

1.Please preheat well first, then, install our PLA filament.
2.Please do not touch the tips of your printing pen when you use it, to prevent scalding.
3.Please do not pull the filament out violently, it can be auto-retracted.

Product Features

  • ✔ Friendly 3d PLA Filament – PLA is a kind of eco – friendly material. It has great biodegradability and it has no strange smells. It is really green and safe product. You need not worry about your baby health when he/she creates a masterwork.
  • ✔ Excellent Performance – Polylactic acid is different from ABS material. the filament is super smooth and is far away from annoying bubbles when to heat up. Especially that it peels off the paper very easily as well and can be kept as a souvenir for a long time.
  • ✔ Interesting Creations – They melt fast at the 160 – 180℃ provided by the 1.75mm heads of 3D pen and eject without any problems. The soft result makes it possible for you to create a totally different world with your creative ability.
  • ✔ Bright And Vibrant Colours – Our PLA printing material is equipped with 20 colours (red, black, yellow, white, green, blue, pink…). The total length is up to 5 meters for each roll refills.You and your baby can create a colourful world together. Good for your baby’s growth.
  • ✔ 1 Year Guarantee – We promised 1 year warranty for all products of Tecboss Brand. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. If you want to learn more information, welcome to send us an email, we will reply you within 24h. Enjoying your shopping!

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Premium 3D Print Removal Tool Kit – Durable 3D Printer Tools with Sturdy Comfort Grips, Sharp and Hardened Blades for Easy Separation of Prints, Knife and Spatula Set of 2 – Enhanced Version

Are you looking for a 3D print removal toolset with
Solid, riveted handles that won’t come loose and start spinning, twisting or turning after use?
Hardened stainless steel blades that are optimally flexible without being too flimsy and/or getting scratched and gouged by the print bed surface due to their softness?
A knife tool with a sharpened front edge (flat bottom) for getting under even the most-adhered prints with ease?
Ability to reach into the back under larger parts, sweep across and lever them off, as well as handle smaller, more delicate objects?
Durable comfort handles with grips designed for a firm hold that feel good in the hand and look stylish too?
Safe, rounded blades easier on your fingers, prints and printer surface?

REPTOR 3D Print Removal Tools have been designed with all these aspects in mind.
These tools are not your average repurposed painters putty knives with cramp rings that come loose or fall apart before long when used to remove 3D prints!

This REPTOR toolset is designed to get even the most stubborn prints off the bed without distorting them or damaging the print bed surface. Both handles have solid rivets in them that will hold the blades in place and will not permit the blades to turn or yield. The knife with its 4.92″ blade and beveled front edge can be used to sweep across and reach into the back under larger parts and provide leverage to pop even a stubborn piece up while the spatula is thin and flexible enough to get under even the most delicate of objects without distorting them.

They are the perfect duo – practical and durable, yet comfortable and stylish! Get yours now!

Product Features

  • DURABLE, RIGID CONSTRUCTION; No more repurposed artist spatulas with spinning, twisting and turning cramp rings!
  • PRACTICAL BUT TENDER; Gently slide underneath prints with ease to protect the build bed surface yet with a good reach
  • OPTIMUM FLEXIBILITY; Flexible but not too thin or flimsy – not dull and rigid like the putty knives for 3d printer bed
  • STYLISH & VERSATILE; Offset spatula with a rubber comfort grip, knife has a thick wood handle suitable for larger parts
  • PROFESSIONAL ADDITION TO YOUR 3D PRINTER ACCESSORIES; 3D printer tool set for print removal of PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG etc

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