ARCELI 5Pcs CNC 3D Printer Mechanical Optical Limit Switch Endstop with Cable for Ramps 1.4 Makerbot Prusa Mendel RepRap

Size:32mm x10mm /1.26″x0.39″(inch) (approx)
Optical Endstop
Optical limiting optical switch 3D printer switch transmission
And supporting the use of RAMPS 1.4 plate

Package List:
5x Optical Switch Endstop

Product Features

  • Optical limiting optical switch 3D printer switch transmission
  • Supporting the use of RAMPS 1.4 plate
  • The optical endstop is a reliable endstop / switch solution for any type of 3D printers and other CNC and/ or 3D tools.
  • Module Function : Converter
  • Accessories Function : Connector

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KINGPRINT 12864 LCD Graphic Smart Display Controller Board with Adapter and Cable for 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 RepRap 3D Printer Mendel Prusa Arduino

12864LCD– Suitable for copiers, fax machines, laser printers, industrial test equipment, networking equipment etc.
LCD control panel through which you can achieve spooling is the 3D model Gcode files are copied to the SD card, and then print the file via the LCD control panel.

Product Features

  • -Using a large screen 12864LCD (3.2′), it can support 8 GB
  • -With a SD card base on back, put slicing file into the SD card and select the file on the LCD, then can be printing
  • -Product comes encoder parameter adjustment can be achieved, and the file selection print
  • -Plug and play on the RAMPS, but need to modify the firmware to support
  • -Do not worry about the problem of after-sales, if there is any need, get in touch with us, we will help you solve it

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LANMU Micro SD to SD Card Extension Cable TF Memory Card Adapter Extender Converter for SD/RS-MMC/SDHC/MMC/Car GPS/mini 3D Printer

Sill frustrated at upgrading the navigation system of your car? LANMU high quality Micro SD extension cable can help you!
Thanks to the flexible cable, the extension can be easily installed. Brand new and well-made sd extension cable.
Length: approx. 19.7 inches
Material:plastic & FFC

Product Features

  • PRACTICAL EXTENSION: With this TF to SD extension cable can the interface be extended, from now on the data transfer becomes easily and quick
  • WIDE APPLICATION: compatible with CAR GPS, DVD, DVR, LED / LCD screen or mini 3D Printer, smart phone etc.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: supports all 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB SD / SDHC card, provides you more convenience upgrade your navigation
  • PERFECT PERFORMANCE: durable and stable TF to SD card adapter extension, there is no influence on reading and writing speed
  • PACKAGE INLCUDES: 1 x Micro SD to SD extension cable

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Reprap MK3 Heatbed Heat Bed Hot Bed 3 mm aluminium plate PCB Heat bed Dual Power 12 V/24 V for Reprap 3d Printer Prusa i3 with Thermistor & Cable

MK3 can choose 12 V and 24 V The voltage of two, is more practical, aluminum plate, which is more durable than the ordinary glass fiber board, ideal for 3d printer Reprap Standard. Features – Color: Black. Voltage – 12 V/24 V. – Material: Aluminium Plate. – Size: 214 * 214 millimetres. – Thickness: 3 mm – 12 V connection: connect a cable to another while connected to a cable of 2, 3. – Connection to 24 V connection: a cable connection cable 2, plus a 3 (1 left outside). – The new version of the circuit connected, either 12 V or 24 V The Power are stable. The package includes 1 * standard of Reprap 3d printer 3 mm MK3 Aluminium board PCB Heatbed heat bed the heatbed MK2 MK3 have similar characteristics to and can also operate with this aluminium plate with 12 V and 24 V voltage of two, more practical.
Heatbed with 3.2 mm Aluminium core. Print directly in the heatbed glass plate, no need for. This is a much lighter than glass PCB Heatbed + solution, which makes it better for faster prints. due to the substrate of aluminium is an expensive material, the cost of production is often Regular fibreglass board is expensive, so that the MK3 price is more expensive.
Please note gujeros and fix in place, then the side with a hole.
(3) Large solder pads for multiple cables (ribbon cable) or a Smd Pinhead Connector can be mounted.
(4) pads for thermistor SMD 1206

Product Features

  • Colour: Black 12 V/24 V; Material: Aluminium.
  • Size: 214 * 214 mm thickness: 3 mm
  • 12 V connection: connect a cable to another while connected to a wire with 2, 3.
  • 24 V connection: A cable connection 2, in addition to a cable connection 3 (1 Left Outside).
  • The new version of the circuit, whether connected 12 V or 24 V the power are stable.

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