3D Printing Pen, AONOKOY Wireless Intelligent Printing Pens for Kid 3D Arts Crafts Drawing Doodler With 3 Color 1.75mm PCL Filament Refills 50℃ Low Temperature Design Gift for Christmas (Blue)

Perfect 3D Printing Pen for Kids: No Matter Creating 3D Models, Doodling or Drawing Interesting Things. It Can Help Children to Improve Spatial Thinking Ability, to Encourage Their Creative Imaginations. It’s the Perfect Gift for all Boys and Girls. Precision Crafting and Art is Easier than Ever With the Ultimate 3D Craft Pen.

DRAW BERTICALLY – Draw Horizontally. Lift Your Imagination off the Page! The ANOKOY 3D Printing Pen Extrudes Heated Plastic Which Instantly Hardens, Allowing You to Literally Draw in 3D, Freehand or on Paper. Change Colors Quickly and Easily. The Possibilities are Endless.

SAFETY LOW TEMPERATURE DESIGN – you don’t need to worry your kids for burning.Rechargeable Avoiding the risk from the electric wires. Your children can play with it anywhere.

★1.The Micro USB Part – Quickly and easily insert the batteries

★2.On/ Off – Slide switch,preheating 30 seconds, after waiting for lights turn green rear can use

★3.LED Lamp – Red flashing( preheatin). Green( Ready) Red( Charging in)

★4.Suction Consumables -Stay after the lights turn green Insert consumables,click the star button to inhale consumables

★The PCL material can be reused:
If you are not satisfied with the works, you can You can immerse the works in warm water of 50 ? for about 5 seconds. It can be remodeling when the material become soft. Then you can use the material again and reuse it.

Package include:
1 x 3D Printing Pen
1 x USB Adapter
10 x Drawing template
3 x 1.75mm PCL Filament
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 3D PRINTER – Ergonomic Body ,light and slim, easier to handle. Wireless Design good touch feeling You can easily control extrusion speed for smoother operation and endless creation.
  • LOW AND SAFE TEMPERATURE – AONOKOY 3D Printing it provides the low and safe temperature control to melt filament for avoiding of burning risk;no need to adjust temperature or speed. The default value is perfect for kids to use.
  • EASY TO USE AND MANEUVER – the Indicator light turns from red to green when it’s ready to use.after spraying out the material rapid solidification. also let you have enough time to create perfect graffiti style. It is easy to achieve the design you wish to accomplish.
  • CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY – Easy to put in 3D filament refills to the the pen, press the button, the pen will auto spit the filaments refills.CE ROHS FCC Certified, PCL environmental protection material.
  • PERFECT FOR STEM LEARNING – As a tactile learning toy, the 3D printing pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding.allowing kids to turning the imagination in mind into amazing three-dimensional masterpieces.

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Nadalan 405nm Blue Purple Laser Engraving Machine Parts with TTL for DIY 3D printer & Industrial

500mw Laser module:
Wavelength: 405nm.
Power: 500mw.
Current: <2A, input voltage: DC 12V AC.
Operating temperature: +10 ℃ ~ +40.
It can be adjusted focusing engraving cutting.
TTL: 0-2.5V open, 2.5V-5V off, only can control the laser switch.

Friendly reminder:
1)Please do not unplug the lines on the board at discretion , the resulting damage is not responsible.
2)When carving, please try to slow down the speed

1 x 405nm Blue Purple Laser Engraving Machine Parts with TTL for DIY 3D printer & Industrial
1 x Laser goggle

Product Features

  • Wavelength: 405nm.
  • Line length: 40cm .
  • Current: <2A, input voltage: DC 12V AC.
  • Operating temperature: +10 ℃ ~ +40.
  • It can be adjusted focusing engraving cutting.

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Ailink 3D Printing Pen,Upgrade Intelligent 3D Pen With 1.75mm PLA /PCL Filament,One Button Operation No Burn No Toxic No Clog Gifts for Boys Girls (Blue)

Product Description
Ailink 3D Magic Pen, Best Christmas Gift For Kids
With this upgrade intelligent 3D printing pen, you can now express your creative thoughts in physical 3D structures, as well as improve the artistic and motor skills of your children.

Perfect drawing Pens for Kids:Filament immediately cools when it exits the pen, so the tip & filament won’t burn or start a fire if they forget to turn it off. Intelligent Temperature Technology:After you stop drawing in half a minute, the heating device of this 3d pen will automatically cool down and keep in a safe temperature. Lightweight and Safer:3d pen for kids is lightweight only 0.33lb, You will not feel tired when you drawing hours later. Equipped with two finger protectors, it can be used to avoid burning your fingers. Easiest 3D Printing Pen:One button controls everything,No Burn No Toxic No Clog

Material: Lastics
Weight: 50g (product)
Product size:159(L)x24(W)x 27 (H) mm
Input voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage: DC5V 2A
Filament Material Length: 5m
Adjustable Heating temperature: PLA (160-180 ℃)PCL(50-60℃)

Package includes:
1x 3D printing pen
1x Micro-USB charge cable
2x Filaments (Random color)
2xSilicone finger tip (Random color)


1. The device is suitable for children over 8 years old and adults, children must be accompanied and monitored by adult when using the pen.
2. To avoid clogging the filament feeder inside, please cut the ending tip portion of the filament where you stop, because the melted part need to be cut off.

Product Features

  • Extremely Well Built: Create unique and fantastic 3D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! Also the 3d drawing pen can be used on almost all of the surface types that can make more fun.
  • Ergonomic Stylish Design: Super lightweight – let your hand move freely and comfortable for smooth operation.One button operation – highly easy to use. New rotating nib design – won’t block.
  • Ultra Safety: 3D printing pen is capable of using 1.75mm PLA and PCL filaments, it provides the low and safe temperature control to melt filament for avoiding of burning risk. There are no toxic or unpleasant smell, safety 3D art for Kids & Adults.
  • Two Power Supply Modes: It works well with regular 5V USB charge, so you can even power it by using your power bank or use the USB adapter, so you can enjoy your paintings anywhere.
  • Perfect Gift for any occacison: Ailink 3D printing pen has nice product design and beautiful product packaging that make it a perfect gift for children and friends. Package contains:1x 3D printing pen, 1x Micro-USB charge cable, 2x Filaments (Random color), 2xSilicone finger tip (Random color)

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Flashforge® PLA 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1KG/Roll for Creator Series (Blue)

ABS/PLA filament:
Flashforge filament use new imported material, with exclusive formula, perfectly improved edge warping problem for ABS filament during printing.

Flashforge new filament series passed international Eco-friendly test certificate as RoHS, MSDS, which makes the printing safer and more Eco-friendly.

Apply new damp proof and anti-crack formula, lengthen the storage time after sealing off.

Product Features

  • PLA has stable liquidity, significantly reduces wire drawing issues, making printing surface much more bright and clean.
  • Stable in diameter: 1.75±0.2mm. The stability of diameter can prevent seizure, skiding problems in printing, as to improve printing smooth surface.
  • Strict process control to ensure none impurities inside the filament, and will not block the nozzle.
  • Basic colors: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, transparent.
  • Sole material formula, professional technological process.

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