SOOWAY 4Pcs Brass T8 Screw Nut Trapezoidal for 8mm T8 Lead Threaded Rod 3D Printer Reprap Parts Z Axis

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T8 Screw Nut for Lead screw diameter: 8mm
Lead of thread: 8mm
Pitch: 2mm
Bottom diameter: 22mm
Height: 15mm
Material: Brass
weight: 12.2g

Package List:
4 x Brass T8 Screw Nut

Product Features

  • T8 Screw Nut suitable for 3D printer Z axis, Should be used with screw rod for step motor, machine tool guide rail and other equipment
  • For Lead screw diameter: 8mm
  • Lead of thread: 8mm, Pitch: 2mm
  • Bottom diameter: 22mm, Height: 15mm
  • Material: Brass, weight: 12.2g

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CCTREE Creality CR-10S Upgrade version With Filament Sensor and Dual Z Axis T Screw Rods DIY Desktop 3D Printer Kit Large Printing Size 300x300x400mm 1.75mm Filament 0.4mm Nozzle Blue

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Patent MK10 nozzle extrusion structure can print more printing material without block.

Electronic control host was separated from the printing body, in order to meet the needs of refitting printing size to various specifications according your imagination.

Product Parameters

Printing Size : 300*300*400mm or 11.8″x11.8″x15.8″
Printing accuracy:±0.1mm
Nozzle :Standard 0.4mm(can be changed to 0.3/0.2mm)
Printing Speed:Normal: 80mm/s, Max.: 200mm/s
Filament Support:ABS/PLA,WOOD,FLEXIBLE,Carbon firber,PA….
Software : PROE, Solidworks, UG, 3 d Max, Rhino 3D design software, etc
File Format : STL, OBJ, G-Code,
Operational Software: Linux,Windows,OSX
Printing Software:CURA,simplify 3D,Repetier-Host

Package Size: 540*640*310 mm
N.W.:10.5KG, G.W.:14kgs

Packing List:
Bottom Frame x1PCS
Vertical Frame x1PCS
Power supply Box x1PCS
Build Plate Tape x1Roll
Filament Spool holder x 1Set
Tie x 1Set
Cutting Nipper x1PCS
Wrench x1 Set
Screw x 2Bag
Revoming Toolx 1PCS
Power Linex1PCS
USB Cablex 1PCS
Teflon Tube x1PCS
SD Card x 1PCS
Limit Switch x 1PCS
Z axis Stator x 1PCS
0.4mm Nozzle x 1PCS
Nozzle Clearer x 1PCS
200g Filament x 1Roll

Product Features

  • Half-assembled, just need 10 minutes to assemble, solve the problem of high freight
  • Large printing size:300*300*400mm or 11.8″x11.8″x15.8″
  • Patent technology for XYZ aluminum V-slot bearing + precision roller with high positioning accuracy to make it run smoothly and get higher quality product.
  • Simple design, easy to make, to avoid the cumbersome installation.
  • Industrial-grade PCB can continuously print for about 200 hours (under ideal conditions), with matures printing technology and stable performance.

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Docooler 3D Printer Creality Accessories Dual Z Axis Rod Step Motor Upgrade Replacement Parts for CR-10 CR-10S

Lead Screw
Material: metal
Length: 51.5cm/ 20.3in
Diameter: 0.7mm
Weight: 160g/ 5.7oz

Step Motor
Number of Phase: 2
Rated Voltage: 3.6V DC
Rated Current: 1 Amp
Holding Torque: 0.48 Nm Typ. (Two phase on/rated current)
Phase Resistance: 3.6 ohm±10% (20℃)
Phase Inductance: 8 mH ± 20% (1kHz 1V rms)
Rotor Inertia: 57 gcm^2
Motor Weight: 0.28kg
Insulation Class: B (130℃)
Step Angle: 1.8 ± 5% / Step
Package List:
1 * Lead Screw Bracket with Brass Nut
1 * 34mm Stepper Motor
1 * Lead Screw
1 * Lead Screw Bearing Guide
1 * Z Coupler
1 * Dual Z Stepper Cable
1 * Z Motor Bracket with screws and t-nuts
3 * Longer m6 screws
3 * M6 nuts and spacers

Product Features

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Designed for upgrading 3D Printer CR-10 and make it more stable.
  • Replacement parts for CR-10S.
  • Phase Resistance: 3.6 ohm±10% (20℃)
  • Phase Inductance: 8 mH ± 20% (1kHz 1V rms)

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Creality Original 3D Printer Parts Open Timing Rubber 2GT Timing X Axis 925x6mm Y Axis 1020x6mm Belt for CR-10/CR-10S

Rubber Opening Belt with Copper Buckle

Type: 2GT

GT2 Pitch: 2mm

Belt Height: 1.38mm

Tooth Height: 0.75mm

Material: Rubber

X axis Belt Length: 925mm

Y axis Belt Length: 1020mm

Width: 6mm

Shape: Open timing belt

Package Include: 1x CR-10 X axis Belt
1x CR-10 Y axis Belt

Product Features

  • 100% Creality Original
  • X Axis 925x6mm Y Axis 1020x6mm Belt for CR-10/CR-10S
  • Material: Rubber
  • Rubber Opening Belt with Copper Buckle
  • If you have any question or problem,please feel free to contact us

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