FYSETC 3D Printer Upgrade Parts, V2 TL-Smoother Plus Addon Module Motor Driver Terminator Mainboard Accessories for Anet A8 Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro Ender 5 Anycubic Delta Tevo Tornado CR20 MK8 I3, 3 Pack

FYSETC is a professional supplier of 3D Printers related accessories products. Include Popular Printer CR-10, Ender 3, Prusa i3, Makerbot, Anet A8, Duplicator i3, Tevo Tarantula, Maker Select V2 etc. It has a professional R&D team and high quality after-sales service to ensure that you can purchase at a reliable price.

After-sales guarantee: each defective item can be replacement for free or refund. We are focusing on perfect qulity, If any question or have more vlaued suggestions, please feel free to contact or Q&A us, we will try our best to service you.

Package Includes:
4 x V2 TL Smoother module
4 x Cable( 4 pins, length is about 11cm/ 4.3 inch)

Product Features

  • A Must have upgrade parts. The item suitable for printer of most popular models on the market, but don’t work for Creality CR-10( the connector is not suitable),
  • You only need them if you have the older Ender 3. If you have the new Ender 3, with the flexible bed you don’t need smoothers, as the mainboards were upgraded.
  • The board provides flyback diodes( freewheeling diodes)for the motor outputs,so that they are also protected against induction voltages in the unpowered state of the driver.
  • This Smoother can effectively eliminate the mechanical vibration generated by the 3D printer motor, lower noise, special for parallel arm structure of the machine effect is significant, on the delta-style printer under DVR8825 drivers or A4988/2 drivers, You will got smoother movement.
  • Size (LxW): 43.8×28.7 mm/ 1.72×1.13 inch, 4 pins. 8 big Package(SMC)diodes provides better heat dissipation performance that can handle bigger motor than small diodes.

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TRIGORILLA ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Rapid Resin 405nm for Photon UV Curing LCD DLP Printing 1L, Clear Green

It is widely used in many fields such as industrial parts, garage kits, craftwork design, education, archaeological model, clock and eyeglasses, etc. Please confirm that the UV wavelength of your 3D printer is 405nm.

Specification: Size: ~500g/500ml, 1000g/1000ml
Color: Black,White,Grey,Yellow,Green,clear, etc
Main material: resin monomer , photoinitiator
Exposure parameters: Bottom exposure time(s) 20-60s, normal exposure time(s) 5-15s

Resin parameters: Solidify wavelength: 405nm
Hardness (D): 79.0
Viscosity (25C): 552.0 mpa.s
Liquid density: 1.100 g / cm³
Solid density: 1.184 g / cm³
Flexural strength: 23.4 Mpa
Tensile strength: 23.4 Mpa
Elongation frequency: 14.2 %


1. Storage 1) Keep away from light and sealed at room temperature.
2) It is recommended to store the resin under 15C -35℃ in a sealed container. Avoid any dusty or moist environment.

2.Usage: 1) Shake well before use. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage.
2) Do not put in the mouth. Keep it away from the children.
3) Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
4) For accident contact, please wash by plenty of water immediately. Seek medical advice if necessary.
5) Finished models are required to clean by high-concentration alcohol (>95%) about 30 seconds and post cure process may be needed for higher hardness.
6) Please filter the residual resin in vat back to the container if it would not be used over 48 hours. Polluted residual resin would cause printing issues.

Safety Information: 1)Keep out of the reach of children and animals
2)Always wear gloves and eye protections before use to avoid direct contact with skin and keep room ventilated.
3)Do not be used for products intended for internal use or in contact with food or drink items.

Product Features

  • 【Quick Curving,Low Shrinkage and High Precision】: TRIGORILLA ANYCUIBIC UV resins can be rapid prototyping. It ensures the high precision of the print model with smooth finish. model with smooth finish.
  • 【Professional for LCD】: Special designed for LED light source to achieve better printing quality. Suitable for most DLP/LCD or SLA 3D printers
  • 【Excellent Fluidity】: With excellent fluidity, the resin can quickly infiltrate models and cure them into shapes, increase printing success rate, make it easier to clean printers and models.
  • 【Appropriate Toughness】: TRIGORILLA ANYCUBIC UV resins have good combination of hardness and toughness, which brings easy removal of the model and printing details.
  • 【Great Stability, Bright and Stunning Colors】 : After cured, it shows good stability in moist and corrosive environment. With high quality pigments and photo-initiators, the models printed with resin have a very pure and stunning color effect.

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TRIGORILLA ANYCUBIC Ultrabase 3D Printer Heated Bed Platform/Glass Plate/with Microporous Coating (220 * 220mm with Heated Bed)

TriGorilla – Anycubic Ultrabase 220*220mm glass platform Heated for 3D printer

Ultrabase has a better adhesion at high temperatures for plastics such as PLA, TPU, ABS, PC,Nylon, PP, and PETG.

Once the print has finished, easy to separate the plastic parts when cooling.

Temperature settings for different filaments:


TPU / Flexible filament: 50-70℃

PETG: 50-70℃





Package Included:

1 x 220*220mm Ultrabase with Heated


1.Be careful the hot surface during operation, only remove the print models when the bed cooling.

2.Should notice the distance, Never let the nozzle directly rub against the ultrabse.

3.The heating bed and the nozzle need the right temperature for the filament.

PLA / TPU / PETG / Flexible filament: 50-70 ℃ / ABS: 100-125 ℃ (recommended 110 ℃)

PC: 100-130 ℃ (recommended 120 ℃) / PP: 100-130 ℃ (recommended 120 ℃) / nylon: 90-120 ℃ (recommended 110 ℃)

Product Features

  • Durable Building Surface: Special coating under Scanning Electron Microscope has a hardness of 8 Mohs and heat resistance up to 400 ℃. Avoid replacing plastic film
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large models. Just wipe it with alcohol-soaked cloth/tissue when necessary.
  • Better Adhesion: Covered by microporous coating with better adhesion during printing.
  • High Performance: It has a chemical tempering glass as the matrix, which has been inspected to ensure flatness better than 0.2 mm
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with 3d printer like MK2, MK3, Prusa i3 , Mega etc

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FYSETC 3D Printer Heated bed Silicone leveling, Column OD 0.63 in ID 0.16 in Stable Hot Bed Tool Heat-resistant Silicone Buffer for Anet A8 Wanhao D9 Anycubic Mega, 4 Pcs black

FYSETC is focus on 3D Printing Accessories, offers a variety of quality 3D Printing parts. We are constantly improving its products to deliver the best experience to each customer.

These silicone buffers serve to replace on your heating bed original springs. It is stable and does not shake when used, better to keep your 3D printer leveled.

Model: 4 high silicone leveling column -black
Feature: Assist 3d printer leveling
Material: Silicone
Silicone: Heat-resistant and pressure-resistant
Diameter: OD 0.63″(16mm) ID 0.16″(4mm)
Height: High 0.71″(18mm)
Package Includes:
4x high silicone leveling column- black

Product Features

  • For 3D Printer Hot Bed/ Platform, bottom connect, can replace original spring leveling.
  • New upgraded 3d printing leveling tool, Special design for Anet A8 Wanhao D9 Anycubic Mega i3 and most heated bed.
  • This heat-resistant and pressure-resistant silicone leveling column with a 4mm inner diameter makes it better to level your 3D printer.
  • The silicone buffers are simply installed instead of the original spring and it is no longer possible movement, your set levels remain!
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, need more help please feel free to email or Q&A us, we will try our best to service you.

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