3D Printer ANYCUBIC TriGorilla Integrated Main board Compatible Mega2560 & RAMPS1.4 Combo Control Board 4 Layers PCB Controller Board for RepRap Mendel Prusa I3

TriGorilla is a integrated main board that is integrated with the mighty function of the Mega2560+ramps 1.4 on respect of both software and hardware and has more premium features; the streamlined interfaces effectively avoid the unnecessary troubles and power than Ramps 1.4 + Mega2560, it is a feature rich all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap Mendel Prusa and other CNC devices.

Main Control Chip:ATMEGA256016AU
Input Power: 10V ~ 30V
Standby Current: 35 mA ± 5 mA
Stepper Motor Drivers: 5 Kanal max
Hot bed Output Control: 1 Kanal
Heated output control: 2 Kanäle
under-current output control: 3 Kanäle
Dimensions: 125 mm x 82 mm

Product Features

  • Simple to install: Integrated with the mighty function of the Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kit, Great reduce the wiring problem, more convenient connection, and more stable.(widely used in 3D printers, e.g. Kossel, Prusa i3, corexy, etc
  • Excellent compatibility: Firmware can use the same configuration as ramps1.4, the marlin firmware which runs in Mega2560+ramps 1.4 kits can directly running in TriGorilla board.TriGorilla had reserved SERVO, UART, IIC expansion, so you can use it realize automatic leveling, control touch screen smart controller, control wireless module and the detection of break, etc
  • voltage input at super wide range, short-circuit protection: TriGorilla adopts DC – DC step-down scheme design and Recoverable fuse for short-circuit protection, improving the MEGA2560 board serious heating problem, Allowing any power supply from 10V-30V.
  • Support up to 5 motor drivers, support A4988/ DRV8825 /TMC2100 driver: Motor drive circuit doesn’t integration on the circuit board. You can change any stepper motor driver you need, easier to operate. (Support A4988/ DRV8825 /TMC2100 driver)
  • Convenient to use: TriGorilla motherboard support LCD2004 and LCD12864 without using adapter, and there are two choices for board power supply, you can choose DC power supply connection or directly from the terminal.

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Anycubic MR12 MGN12 300mm 400mm 450mm Miniature Linear Guide Rail Way Slide + MGN12H Carriage Block for 3D Printer CNC Parts (400mm linear guide)

Packing list
1*linear guide

Product Features

  • ANYCUBIC factory produce, quality assurance
  • Each piece of linear guide have been tested for many times

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ANYCUBIC Upgraded ULTRABASE Version 2 Prusa I3 3D Printer With Part-assembled 3D Printer Kits

ANYCUBIC Upgraded New Prusa I3–Ultrabase Version

1.Technical Specification Printing

Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Build Size: 210 x 210 x 250(mm)

Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4mm

Positioning Accuracy: XY:0.0125mm,Z:0.0025mm

Extruder Quantity: Single

Nozzle/Filament Diameter: 0.4 mm/1.75mm

Print Speed: 20-60mm/s

Travel Speed: 60mm/s

Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood


Ambient Operating Temperature: 8C – 40C

Operational Extruder Temperature: max 260C

Operational Print Bed Temperature: max 100C


Slicer Software: Cura

Software Input Formats: .STL, .OBJ, .AMF

Software Output Formats: GCode

Connectivity: SD card; USB port(expert users only)


Input rating: 110V/220V AC,50/60Hz

Working Voltage: 12V DC

Physical Dimensions

Printer Dimensions: 410*475*458mm

Net Weight: 7.8kg

3.Packing List

SD Card Reader *1

8G SD Card *1

Filament(PLA 1kg) *1

Spool Holder *1

Tool Set *1

Scraper *1

Ruler *1

Glove *1

Tweezer *1

USB Cable *1

Power Cord *1

ANYCUBIC Prusa I3 Kits *1

Product Features

  • ANYCUBIC ULTRABASE: ANYCUBIC patented platform,super sdhesion,smoothy lattice bottom surface. Easier to take off model by bare hands
  • 8.27″X8.27″X9.84″large printing volume – 1.75times compare with old version
  • Pre-assembled complicated parts,less time for moduel installation
  • More stable stucture: acrylic frame reinforced by fixed metal bar, bring a more precise model
  • Dual functional fans make the models cooled faster

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Anycubic 2 PCS 1 Meters OD 4mm x ID 2mm PTFE Teflon Bowden Tube for 3D printer RepRap Rostock Kossel 1.75mm Filament

Package List:
2*1 Meter PTFE tube

Product Features

  • Length: 1 meter. Inner Diameter: 2mm. Outer Diameter: 4mm. 2PCS
  • Perfect for 1.75mm 3d printer filament feeding, or throat nozzle filling

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