Festnight 200 * 200mm PEI Sheet with Adhesive Backing 3D Printing Build Surface Print Bed Sticker Sheet for Maker Select V2/Plus Ultimate 3D Printer Accessories

Material: Polyetherimide
Item Size: 300*300*0.3mm/254*254*0.2mm/220*220*0.2mm/200*200*0.3mm/120*120*0.2mm (Optional)
Package Size: 35.0 * 35.0 * 0.5cm / 13.8 * 13.8 * 0.2in(300*300mm); 35.0 * 35.0 * 0.5cm / 13.8 * 13.8 * 0.2in(254*254mm); 25.0 * 25.0 * 0.5cm / 9.8 * 9.8 * 0.2in(220*220mm); 25.0 * 25.0 * 0.5cm / 9.8 * 9.8 * 0.2in(200*200mm); 20.0 * 15.0 * 0.5cm / 7.9 * 5.9 * 0.2in(120*120mm)
Package Weight: 59g / 2.1oz(300*300mm); 56g/ 2.0oz(254*254mm); 45g/ 1.6oz(220*220mm); 34g / 1.2oz(200*200mm); 7g / 0.2oz(120*120mm)

Package List:
1 * PEI Sheet with Adhesive

Product Features

  • Please remove the adhesive and transparent protective film from PEI sheet both sides before using.
  • high temperature resistant can reach 130-150℃, it has good toughness and strength, stable to use.
  • There are two methods to attach the PEI to your print bed. Just clamp the sheet to the print bed using binder clips or remove the adhesive from the product and stick on the print bed.
  • Made of high quality material, it can be reused, saving printing cost.
  • Suitable for Maker Select V2, Maker Select Plus, Ultimate 3D Printer , etc.

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3D Printer Parts and Accessories, FYSETC Platform 120X120 mm/4.7″X4.7″ 12V 120W Silicone Heater Hotbed Mat Heated Bed Pad with NTC 100K Thermistor 3M Adhesive Backing for Reprap Davinci Mini V2

Main Feature:
● Applications for 3D Printer Heated Bed, food service equipment, airplane engine heaters, aerospace industry, drums and other
● Durable silicone rubber hot bed, best heater performance and the longest serving life, uniform heat transfer;
● Work well in especially at high temperatures or in long time heating process.
● Moisture proof and chemical resistance

Suggest working temperature: -62~200℃
Please Note: the silicone mat’s temperature will heats up quickly, please take anti-scalding measures!

Package includes:
1 x 4.7 in Silicone Rubber Heater

Product Features

  • Improted Rubber Silicone, excellent heat source, evener heating across the whole surface.
  • Size: 120X120 mm/ 4.7X4.7 inch, Power: 12V 120W. Work well for Mono price Mini V2 3d printer
  • Easy to mount, the backing comes with 3M Adhesive.
  • Please heat only when after it’s mounted onto the build plate (Aluminum plate recommended).
  • After-sales Support: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, If need further please fell free to email or QA us, we and our engineers are very happy to assist you.

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Magigoo MO2016 Pen, 3D Printing, Adhesive, All-in-One

Product Features

  • Easy application: applying Magigoo is as easy as child’s play. Shake, press, apply. Spread on an active printing area only. No need to cover the whole surface
  • Easy-release: Magigoo adhesive properties are designed to release the 3D print once the build plate has cooled
  • Easy-clean: Magigoo is easily cleaned with water
  • Long-lasting: Magigoo last for 100+ average prints
  • Odourless and safe: Magigoo is safe to use-be it in a closed room or educational workshop with kids

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TOAOB 10mm Round Mixed Color Wiggly Googly Eyes With Eyelash With Self Adhesive for DIY Scrapbooking Crafts and 3D Crafts Pack of 280pcs

Package included:
10 mm (diameter): 280 Pieces of round multi googly eyes
These googly eyes come with a specific flower plastic box (printed with our brand TOAOB logo)

1.You can place wiggle eyes on your phones, refrigerators,vases,plants and other daily necessities, making your life full of joy.
2.You can place wiggle eyes on the fruit ,such as making a banana puppet with these eyes and give it a thought, laughter and anger.
3.You can place wiggle eyes on your desk, computer monitors,coffee cups, relieve stress at work.
4. Holiday and event themed decorations:April Fools’ Day,Easter,Halloween,demonstrate your artistic ability and ability to create.
5.You can make greeting cards and simple crafts.
6.If you need googly eyes to randomly place around your home to scare your friends and family, you can choose it.

These are bringing you so much joy, putting googly eyes on random objects
This items are small and should not be applied by children under 3 years old alone, adult supervision is required and adult assistance may be needed.
2.the picture shown is a representation of the item, you’ll receive from the actual size items. Picture may appear larger on your screen. Color may vary slightly due to the color setting of each individual monitor. Please double check the sizes before purchasing.

Product Features

  • There are 7 colours:yellow purple blue white pink green red,each colour has 40 pieces
  • Size:10mm; These Googly Eyes come with a specific flower plastic box (printed with our brand TOAOB logo),the size of the box is: 10x10x2cm
  • Simple hand-made is conducive to the child’s brain thinking,stimulate the child’s imagination and cultivate children’s creative ability
  • Together with mom and dad or partners to do handicrafts can enhance the baby’s ability to communicate and cooperate.It is helpful for babies to learn to open their hearts and build a bridge of friendship
  • Peel off the back sticker and stick on the toys or anything you like.So it is very convenient to use,you can paste it on any place where you want to paste on

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