TIANSE Wood PLA 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm 1KG Spool Filament for 3D Printing, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm

Product Features

  • Material: Wood- Pla Composite(25-30% wood filled in)
  • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature : 200°C – 220°C (210°C preferred)——-Print ambient temperature:20 – 26°C
  • Print layer thickness :not less than 0.25 mm
  • Recommended nozzel diameter: 0.5mm or above
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: 2-Year Warranty and 24*7 customer support with technical advice

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TPU 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm, Flexible 3D Printing Materials, Dimensional Accuracy 1.75mm +/- 0.02mm Tolerance, 1.1LBS(0.5kg)/Spool, soft & non-toxic material, Enotepad TPU Green

Enotepad 1.75mm TPU 3D Printer Filament will bring you consistent feeding and perfect 3D printing experience.



▶Non-toxic&Low Odorless degradable material;

▶High tenacity,high resilience,easy to feed,shape.


Enotepad TPU Filament Specifications: 

Diameter: 1.75mm

Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.02mm

Printing Temperature: 185-215°C(365-419°F)

Platform Temp.: Optional (If printer has heated bed, 25-55°C)

Net Weight:0.5KG (1.1lbs)

Length: 115m(377ft)


High Quality & High Compatibility 

Eco-friendly 3D printer filament with high performance,no bubble,no jamming,no drawing.

Enotepad filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.02mm. 

Why Buy From Enotepad?

Strict production standard to guarantee high accuracy,Enotepad have over 8 years experience in 3D printer Filament manufacturing.

We committed to offer good quality and keeping it affordable 3D Printing supply.


Some Storing Tips: 

To avoid winding,please feed the loose end through the holes on the edge of the filament reel.

Please place the unsealing filament back to original vacuum bag and stock it in a cool and dry place after print.


You will get lifetime warranty from Enotepad store,enjoying fun of 3D Printing with Enotepad filament now! 

Product Features

  • 【High Compatibility 1.75mm】Enotepad TPU filament is high Compatible with 3D Printers and 3D Pens that use 1.75MM filament.Such as:SUNLU,3D Hero,Anycubic,Ante,Geetech,Prusa, Makerbot,etc.
  • 【Enotepad TPU Recommend】Printing Temp. at 190-210°C can give you a smooth prints which require less calibration and give off fewer extruder issues.
  • 【Easy to print&No clogging】High purity with low shrinkage,1.75mm 0.5KG Enotepad TPU have the advantage of High tenacity&High resilience&Zero bubbles.Delivers you a smooth print with a glossy finish,extremely high successful rate.
  • 【Professional Vacuumed Sealed Packaging】This will enable you to easily keep your 3D printer filaments at an optimal storage condition and free from dust or moisture before opening the vacuumed sealed packaging.
  • 【Lifetime-100% Guarantee】Enotepad guarantees your purchase and will replace another 3D Printer Filament for you if you have any problem.Our After-sales service will certainly answer and solve the your questions within 24 hours.

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3D Printer Kit 3 Parts DIY Assembly Large Print Area High Accuracy


Power: 350W

Color: Silver

Power Plug: EU & UK

Number of Extruder: 1pcs

Printing Speed: 30-120mm/s

Support File Format: G-Code

Temperature of Hotbed: Max. 100℃

Input Voltage: AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz

Min Printing Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm

Printing Size: 30*30*40cm/11.8*11.8*15.7in

Extruder diameter: Standard 0.4mm, Alternative 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.6mm/0.8mm

Printing Process: FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)

Operating System: Win XP/7/8/10, Mac, Linux

Package Size: 65 * 56 * 24cm/25.6*22*9.4in

Item Size: 44 * 42 * 61cm/17.3*16.5*24in

Gross Weight: 12kg/ 26.4lb

Item Weight: 9.4kg/ 20.7lb

Output Voltage: 12V, 29A

Slicing Software: Cura

Filament: PLA

Package List:

4 * M6 Screws
3 * 3D printer parts
1 * USB Cable(1.5m)
1 * PLA Filament (200g)
2 * Power Plug(1 UK + 1 EU)
Tool Kit:
1 * Shovel
1 * Clipper
6 * M6 Wrench
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Nozzle(spare)
1 * 8G SD Card & Reader

Product Features

  • EASY & FAST SELF ASSEMBLY: 3 parts assembled with 4 screws in 5 minutes.
  • LARGE PRINTING SIZE: 300X300X400mm, provides more possibility for your ideas.
  • PATENTED PRINTING HEAD TECH: Makes filament transported fast and coherent, also easy to replace a new extruder.
  • SMOOTH & QUITE: Customized pulleys match well with aluminum track, triangle structure makes movement steady. More smooth & fast speed, less
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY STRUCTURE: Much lighter and stronger.

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eSUN 1.75mm PLA PRO Plus (PLA+) 3D Printer Filament Material 1KG Spool (2.2 lbs), Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm for Most 3D Printers, 3D Printing Pen Filament Refills,White


eSUN was originally founded in 2002, which is dedicated in R&D and industrialization of bio-degradable polymers, such as PLA and PCL. Adhering to Open Innovation with several top universities and institutions,eSUN own three R&D centers, which are syntheses, modification and application of polymers.

eSUN 3D printing materials are very popular in the global market, and has successfully established stable win-win relationships with many famous 3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers all over the world.    

  • eSUN filament has very good temperature stability. This is very important in order to print out smoother, prettier product.
  • eSUN filament has very strict quality inspection standard. This ensures that our product has no defect and very stable and consistent quality.
  • eSUN uses only pure, new raw materials. No recycled materials are used.
  • eSUN leads the filament industry on innovation.  We invented 3D printer cleaning filament. We are leading the market on PLA&PLA+.
  • eSUN filament is SGS certified.
  • eSUN filament products are clean, dry, with high quality spool and neatly packaged.

PLA + Printing Parameters:

Best print temperature: 190-210 °C

Base temperature: 0/65 °C

Feed speed: 30-90mm / s

Idling speed: 90-150mm/s

On top of existing PLA performance, greatly improved the materials’ Fracture Toughness. Print much smoother. No warp or layer breaking problems. No brittle issue.

Packing List:

Antioxidants+Vacuum packaging+Product manual


We have professional customer service, choosing eSUN will be an unregretful desicion

Product Features

  • 1.Characteristics of PLA+: Extracted and purified from corn grain with high rigidity good glossiness and transparency, suitable for printing larger models. Its toughness is 10 times more than the PLA on the market without any wiredrawing and cracking problems, the surface of the printouts would be smoother and more delicate
  • 2.High Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with most of the FDM 3D Printer.We focus on product quality and aim to providing best experience for every 3D printing followers
  • 3.High Quality: High purity with no other impure wastes. It is recycled material , no plugging or insufficient extrusion, and not easy to get wet. eSUN filament has a stable performance in good tension, high toughness and low shrinkage
  • 4.Perfect Qualification System:Our test report includes CE/ROHS/REACH/MSDS as well as ISO9001 and ISO14001. eSUN strictly comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive, the filament gives off a sweet smell which is toxic-free and harmless to human
  • 5.Brand Guarantee: eSUN 3D printing materials are very popular in the global market, and has established cooperation with many famous 3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers all over the world. We have professional customer service team, and will provide satisfied solution for your issues with products

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