FYSETC Prusa i3 MK3 Cooling Fan 5015 50x50x15mm 5V DC 0.35A Hotend Cooler Blow Radiator Sleeve Bearing for 3D Printer Parts Accessories, 2Pcs

FYSETC is a professional supplier of 3D Printers related accessories products. Include Popular Printer CR-10, Ender 3, Prusa i3, Makerbot, Anet A8, Duplicator i3, Tevo Tarantula, Maker Select V2 etc. It has a professional R&D team and high quality after-sales service to ensure that you can purchase at a reliable price. If you need more, please feel free to email or QA us, we and our engineers are very happy to assist you.

Package includes:
2 x 5015 fan cooling

Product Features

  • Brushless DC Blower Fan, best DIY replacement extruder hotend parts for Prusa i3 MK3.
  • Size: About 50x50x15mm/ 1.9×1.9×0.59 inch; Cable Length: about 750mm/ 29.5 inch
  • Rated Voltage: 5V, 0.35A
  • Please Note: the fan has two sides,but the side with sticker must be always facing the hotend (not visible when the fan is mounted).Otherwise,the cooling won’t work properly.
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one defective item can have the free replace or refund, need more help please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to assist you.

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HAWKUNG 29pcs 3D Printing Tool Kit, 10pcs 0.4mm Nozzle + 15pcs Cleaning Needle (10 x 0.35mm + 5 x 0.4mm) + 2pcs Tweezers + 2pcs Spanner for 3D Printer V6 Nozzle Replacement, Clean, Installation

HAWKUNG 3D Printer Nozzle Change and clean Tools.No more burnt fingers for you! This is a must have tool for changing and cleaning print nozzles. Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world!

V5 V6 0.4mm Nozzles:
Color: gold
Thread type: M6
Output diameter:0.4mm;Input filament diameter:1.75mm
Compatible: V5 and V6 extruder hotend Filament
Supported:ABS/PLA/PETG/Carbon Fiber

Type: anti-Static,non-Magnetic precision tweezer
Tweezer length: 120mm
Color: black

Color: silver
Material:stainless steel
Wrench length: 120mm
Nozzle spanner suitable for nozzles with a diameter of 8 mm, such as V5 V6 nozzles.
Aluminum block spanner only fit for V6 heat block.
Nozzle and 3D printercleaning kit is a durable kit for different purposes; removes excess plastic and removes jams with high precision, and is also suitable for general maintenance of the heatsink section.
The wrench makes it easier to install and remove the nozzle.

Package Includes:
10 x 0.4mm Brass Nozzles
10 x 0.35mm Cleaning Needles
5 x 0.4mm Cleaning Needles
2 x Precision Tweezer
2 x Wrench
1 x Plastic Bottle

Product Features

  • Total 29pcs include: 10pcs brass nozzle, 10pcs 0.35mm cleaning needles, 5pcs 0.4mm cleaning needles, 2pcs precise tweezers, 2pcs Spanner, 1pcs plastic bottle.
  • Tweezers: 3D printing tweezers are suitable for maintenance nozzles and cleaning excess support material; it is anti-static, non-magnetic precision tweezers.
  • Needle: 10 flexible stainless steel needles for gentle maintenance of your nozzles and difficult to reach places such as feed gears.
  • V5 V6 nozzles: material:brass,thread type: M6,output diameter:0.4mm;Input filament diameter:1.75mm,compatible: V5 and V6 extruder hotend Filament,supported:ABS/PLA/PETG/Carbon Fiber
  • Wrenches: Wrenches make nozzle installation and removal easier. Special spanner can help you adjustment 3D Printer and change extruder nozzle more easy. Nozzle spanner suitable for nozzles with a diameter of 8 mm, for V5 V6 nozzles.Aluminum block spanner only fit for V6 heat block.

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TOOHUI 2Pcs DC Brushless Fan 12V, 3D Cooling Blower Fan 12V 0.18A, Mini Quiet Cooling Fan for 3D Printer, Cooling Fan with 2 Pin Terminal, Accessories for 3D Printer Cooler Heatsinks

Color: black
Fan Size: 50x50x15mm
Wind Volume: 18CFM
Wire Length: approx.100cm
Connection: 2 pin
Voltage: DC 12V
Current: 0.18A
Speed: 6500RPM
Noise: 25dBA
Bearing Type: Oil Bearing

Package Included:
2 x Brushless DC Cooling Fan

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Product Features

  • ★ Type: Brushless DC Cooling Fan; Rated Voltage: DC 12V, Current: 0.18A.
  • ★ Bearing Type: Oil Bearing, Speed: 6500 RPM, Air Flow : 18CFM.
  • ★ Rapid Cooling: These small fans have good cool-to-cool properties, because they produce high airflow.
  • ★ Compact Structure: Due to the compact design, they can easily be accommodated in the 3D printer.
  • ★ Low noise & long lifespan: Noise level: 25db (A), good performance and long service life.

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