eSun 3D PETG Filament, 1 kg, 1.75 / 3.00 mm Available, Print Temperature 230 – 250 ℃, for 3D Printer, e.g. MakerBot RepRap MakerGear Ultimaker Mendel Huxlep UP Thing-o-matic, Universal

& # X25 A0; esun 3D Filament – PETG 1.75 mm/3.00 mm
& # X25AA; performance parameters:
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm/3.00 mm – Spool N.W: 1.0 kg – Print temp: 230 – 250 °C – Bed temperature: 0 °/80 °C – Infill speed: 30 – 80 mm/s – Travel speed: 90 – 150 mm/s
& # X25AA; Product Features: – No smelling and non-toxic when printing, Environment friendl – Little shrinkage (not become warped edge) – Low hygroscopic – Good toughness – High transparency and good gloss
& # X25AA filament; Application of PETG:
– Toys and electric and electronic products; stationery; cosmetics a container.
& # X25 A0; why esun 3D Filament?
& # X25AA; Excellent stability of 3D printer filaments over: – Break, – Distorting; – Bubbles; – with drops of extruders; – Ungenauem in diameter.
& # X25AA, sizes Gebliche Befu Gnise and certificates guarantee the reliability of esun 3D filaments: – SGS certification (Societe Generale de surveillance S.A.): No. CANEC130 1362201; – DIN CERTCO: EU with DIN EN 13432; – The America to ASTM D4236 6400 – 2004 standards – FDA: SZHH0 0512395;
, RoHS
& # X25AA, winner of Best Value for Money: quality at a reasonable price
& # X25AA, environmental friendliness: Biodegradable material, synthesized from plants
& # X25 A0, one of which has a huge range of Hochqualifizierter 3D printing filaments esun gives you.

Product Features

  • PETG 3D filament for 3d printers; 1.75 mm/3.00 mm diameter, 1 kg (net weight), 3D: printing temperature: 230 – 250 °C
  • Excellent stability of 3D printer filaments over break distorting mirror chrome, bubbles, Ropfen des extruders and Ungenauem diameter. Winner quality at a reasonable price. Environmentally friendly: synthesized biodegradable material, Made of plants.
  • Suitable for most of 3D printer, Makerbot, Reprap, Mendel, MakerGear, Ultimaker, Huxley UP. Pirnters, thing size etc
  • Quality Control: (1) ISO 14855, (2) UK with DIN EN 13432; (3) America ASTM D6400 to 04/Certificate: (1) DIN CERTCO EN13432, (2) FDA, 1001: SZHH0 0512395.3; (3) RoHS
  • Box contents: 1x Roll with package

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250 g. Skin 3 FlexiSMART 1.75 mm Flexible filament TPU for 3D Printer – Flexible filament for 3D printing – TPE filament, TPU filament, elastic filament

Flexible: FlexiSMART is made from a flexible and elastic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that allows the printed parts with this material to deform and recover its original shape. FlexiSMART opens new possibilities as it allows printing boards, belts, textile complements and other objects unthinkable with traditional rigid filaments.

Easy to use: FlexiSMART has been specifically developed to maintain high compatibility with the wide range of existing printers and be easy to use. It prints without hot bed and is compatible with most extruders available.

Excellent mechanical properties: The parts printed with FlexiSMART are also extraordinarily resistant making it a suitable filament to replace PLA or ABS in many applications.

Great finish and variety of colors: FlexiSMART is available in several different colors to unleash your imagination and build your own flexible universe.

Product Features

  • Polyurethane-based flexible filament (TPE-U) for FFF/FDM 3d printing. Shore hardness 88A.
  • Designed to be easy to use, avoid clogging and be compatible with most direct extrusion printers. Incompatible with Bowden extrusion printers of 1.75mm and compatible with some models of Bowden 2.85 / 3mm printers (contact us to confirm).
  • Great elasticity. High resistance to wear and impact.
  • Excellent adherence that enables to print without heated-bed.
  • Documentation and detailed use instructions available.

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Prima Filaments PV-ABS-175-0750-DG PrimaValue 3D-Print Filament, 1.75 mm, 1 kg Spool, Dark Grey

Product Features

  • When Quality Counts! You should choose PrimaValue
  • 1 kg of premium quality ABS 3D-Print material for your 1.75 mm 3D-Printer.
  • Full 1 kg, approximately 405 m of filament on each spool
  • Good roundness and tight diameter tolerance.

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