rigid.ink – The Most Reliable Opaque Black PETG Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printing and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance* 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool

Our opaque black PETG filament 1.75mm is possibly your next favourite 3D printer filament. There are few materials that are as durable as PET-G. rigid.ink PETG has unrivalled layer to layer adhesion, allowing you to create prints that are near indestructible. It’s perfect for high-impact applications. PETG 3D filament has very low shrinkage due to its purity, allowing for even cooling (no warp) and excellent layer-to-layer bonding. Your rigid.ink opaque black PETG 1.75mm filament will print 100% reliably, every time. We guarantee it. Why use rigid.ink PETG 1.75mm 1KG filament? • Excellent layer adhesion so will bend rather than snap like more brittle plastics • No warp when printing • Virtually no smells or fumes when melted • Produces strong, durable prints How to use? • Printing temperature around 220-240°C (start at lowest temp) • Heated bed temperature around 70-80°C • Leave a larger gap on the Z axis to prevent skimming previous layers • Use magigoo, 3DLAC, PVA glue stick on the bed, if needed What’s included? • PETG 1.75mm 1KG filament, spool measuring – 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole, weight approx 250g. Total item weight approx 1.25KG. • Vacuum sealed in foil with desiccant (just in case) • Our specially designed box that converts into a spool holder • Unique rigid.ink resealable foil storage bag to keep filament fresh • Welcome card with how to find more info • An unmatched 60 day money back guarantee We’re not just interested in supplying outstanding quality, ultra reliable filament either; we’re hot on customer service. That means fast delivery, hassle free returns and a personal service with a smile. Any questions? Get in touch – our customer service ninjas are waiting to help! Live chat available on our website – www.rigid.ink

Product Features

  • Our PETG filament is strong and durable, made using the finest raw materials.
  • Our colours are accurately represented, and we’re working on more.
  • Made using the finest machinery, excellent quality is assured.
  • Won’t jam your prints, with very specific tolerances of just +/- 0.03mm (laser tested).
  • No bubbles or nasty surprises, supplied with desiccant (just in case).

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