rigid.ink – The Best, Pure PLA Plus Filament for 3D Printers and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance*(1.75mm – 10m, White)

Our rigid.ink PLA Plus is a unique blend of PLA and additives to produce a new incredible material. It’s not quite
like anything else we’ve seen in the industry and definitely worth a try. We’re not just interested in supplying
outstanding quality filament either; we’re hot on customer service.
That means fast delivery, hassle free returns and a personal service with a smile. In the unlikely event there’s
anything you don’t like about your order, just let us know. We’ll bend over backwards to help you out.

What is PLA Plus?

• Essentially a more durable and less brittle (but still as strong) version of PLA

• PLA Plus is even more durable than ABS

• Biodegradable like PLA

• With easy to print settings but slightly higher temperatures

• All with a beautiful pearlescent sheen our customers love!

How to use?

• Printing temperature around 220 – 240°C

• Heated bed temperature around 50 – 60°C

• Cover print bed in blue painters tape or glue stick to prevent sticking

What’s included?

• 10m sample of PLA Plus

• Resealable storage bag with desiccant to keep filament fresh

• Instructions and tips card

• An unmatched 60 day money back guarantee

• Chance to win £50 rigid.ink voucher

Our PLA Plus is easy to print with and biodegradable like PLA but more durable than ABS so why not give it a try today?

Any questions? Get in touch – our customer service ninjas are waiting to help!
Live chat available on our website – www.rigid.ink

Product Features

  • Our colours are accurately represented, and we’re working on more.
  • Our filament is strong and durable, made using the finest raw materials.
  • Made using the finest machinery, excellent quality is assured.
  • Won’t jam your prints, with very specific tolerances of just +/- 0.03mm (laser tested).
  • No bubbles or nasty surprises, supplied with desiccant (just in case).

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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  1. As far as filament goes, I wasn’t sure what was good and what wasn’t. I only ordered Rigid Ink PLA because I read up from there web site, and I liked the way they sold their product. I liked the way they said it was better, and they did this by listing the differences that you need to look out for, and how to get the best results. When the spool of PLA arrived, you could tell there were some differences. First, was the way they packaged their stuff. It came in a nice box and inside was a card…

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