Prevently 3D Printing Filament, New Creative 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm ABS Multiple Color Printing Material 1 Roll Have 5M (Colour H)

◆Please avoid long exposure to strong light (such as sunlight), fire prevention, dry place, moisture-proof. After unsealing, please seal and save together with desiccant, so as to avoid material waste due to the influence of moisture on the printing effect

Package Content:
◆1X3D printed material(5m)

Product Features

  • Material: ABS, Specification: 1.75mm
  • Low shrinkage, thermoforming dimensional stability.
  • Our filament is always round, with no oily residue, no air bubbles, no kinks or breaks.
  • 3D filaments are universally designed and compatible with 3D Printers using 1.75mm diameter filament, with a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm. Extrudeds with great precision, which means better looking prints, improves reliability plus less calibration plus fewer extruder failures. Compatible with most 3D printers currently out on the market.
  • Package Content: 1X3D printed material(5m)

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