NACTECH 5M GT2 Timing Belt + GT2 20 Teeth Timing Belt Pulley Wheel 8mm Bore with Wrench and Screws for Anet A8 RepRap Pursa i3 3D Printer CNC Parts

Question: does the belt have fiber inside or isit pure rubber?
Answer: The belt have fiber inside.

Question: What is the best method to join the belt?
One way,Probably best to get a length that works for your application, rather than trying to join them.
Another way, Overlap the ends of the belt and cut the upper end teeth for a perfect fit. Then glue them with glue.
Or put the ends together, stick with a small flexible and sturdy strap.

GT2 belt designed for linear movement, uses profile with rounded teeth so that the belt teeth are inserted
With softness and precision in groove to avoid slipping. The belt can not move in the opposite direction in the groove of the pulley.
The 20-tooth belt has at least six teeth in contact with the pulley, reducing the possibility of slip rings.
In comparison with a 16 tooth belt, there are more contact surfaces and more stable.
Suitable for multi-axis transmission, without lubrication.
Timing belts and pulleys are popular choices for Reprap, Prusa, MendelMax and 3D printer printers.
It is also the perfect accessory for engraving machines, dishwashers, packaging machines, motorcycles, automobiles, dryers,
inkjet printers, conveyors, bonding machines and other small precision mechanical transmissions.

Belt GT2: material: rubber
Length: 5 meters
Width: 6 mm
Color: black
GT2 pulley: Material: aluminum
Diameter: 16 mm
Diameter of the hole: 8 mm
Height: 16 mm
Teeth: 20
Color: Silver
The package includes: 1 gear belt GT2 + 1 key L + 8 pulleys GT2 8mm + 16 screws
Attention: The space between teeth after the connection must be the same as before

Product Features

  • [ Prevents Slippage ] 3D printer timing belt move without slipping, allow the constant time ratio to be stable and reduce vibration, minimize the risk of belt slippage. The GT2 series is designed for linear movement.
  • [ Good Transmission ] GT2 pulley and belt has high transmission efficiency, compact design, toothed belt kit 3D printer equipped with small teeth inside, ensuring that the belt teeth are inserted perfectly and precisely into the disc slot.
  • [ Combination of Belts and Pulleys ] A combination of the GT2 timing belt and 8pcs gt2 pulley 8mm bore works perfectly on the 3D printer, for different needs, the belt can be cut freely.
  • [ Application ] Ideal for DIY projects, motorcycles, dryers, inkjet printers, conveyor belt, Nema17 motors, Geeetech printers I3W, Prusa i3, Anet a8, CTC Prusa i3 Pro B, RepRaps, 3D printers and CC etc.
  • [ What You’ll Get ] 5M gt2 timing belt with a width of 6 mm, 8pcs GT2 pulley wheel with an internal diameter of 8 mm, external diameter of 16 mm (20 teeth), 1 key and 16 screws.

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