ILS – DIY APP WIFI 8x8x8 3D Light Cube Kit Blue LED Music Kit for MP3 Music without Housing

1. This product does not include the housing !! If you need the housing, buy separately (Product Code: 1247731).2. This is a DIY kit, you need to have some knowledge of electronics-capacity.
3. You need a lot of welding, you should have enough patience.4. Version 8x8x8 blue lights
5. APP function only supports Android system.
6. Flie: Click to open
Features: The backplane is made up of a printed circuit – components, which require their own welding. 512pcs blue LED light form a three-dimensional square space. With expandable WiFi module, cellular wireless connection to the cube, APP control operation exclusive (Best Night View) Specifications: Input voltage: 5VCurrent: 1A-2A (effect 2A is better, because LED driver chip APM4953) Power supply: 5V power supply telephone charger Material printed circuit board RF-4 plate 1.6 mm PCB size: 150 x 150 mm APP version functions: 1. Through the audio cable input – music output.2. 45 offline animation types (power to perform animation)3. 15 kinds of built-in dynamic offline audio animation (with dance music) 4. 3 D8 PC mode (animation control, which can control light display) 5. 3 D8 PC6 Music Mode IR remote control (long distance remote control)7. PWM breathing light mode 8. Start motherboard test mode9 15 levels animation speed adjustment. Brightness adjustment 10 levels11. Changes word to phone (32 models, 45 letters)12 Laptop after connecting phone to the wifi product, you can use the exclusive APP (light cube APP) for operation. WIFI module has been carefully designed for design-debug PCB, straight line transmission distance up to 10-20 meters.
Features: The backplane consists of a circuit board and component parts, which require their own soldering. 512 pieces blue LED lights f

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