Dyna-living Replacement 3D Printer Parts Extruder Upgrade Aluminum Block Bowden MK8 Extruder 1.75mm Filament for CR10/CR-10/CR-10S DIY(Red)


➤This extruder set is great for Creality 3D CR-10.

➤Made of high quality metal material.

➤With high quality and durable performance.


●For all 1.75 mm filament

●Main Material: Aluminum Alloy

●Fit for right side filament

Packing Includes:

●Mounting screws

●Aluminum MK8 ‘Extruder’ frame, with bored intake hole



●Brass extruder drive gear

●35 mm long teflon intake guide

●Special Bowden tube fitting

Product Features

  • √ Applications: Perfect replacement for Creality 3D Printers ENDER3, CR-10 Series, CR-10 S4, CR-10 S5, CR-10 Mini, CR-10S, CR-10 Plus. Upgrade your Creality 3D Printer Extruder with our New “Metal Anodised Aluminum” Upgrade Kit.
  • √ Stable and Durable: The extruder kit made of aluminum alloy material, metal material extruder kit is more stable and durable than the original plastic one while working.
  • √ Easy to Install: First, unbolt the old original plastic extruder. Second, screw in the new metal extruder, and then it is ready to print.
  • √ Advantage: Our extruder drive is you have better stronger pressure pushing the filament into the printer nozzle and so will improve on the printers’ performance. Our extruder kits have an adjustable bolt so that you can adjust the pressure of the extruder gear as needed.
  • √ Used for 1.75mm filament. Full Metal Aluminum Alloy, DIY aluminum block, need to assembly by yourself.

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