Building Manual 3D Printer build it yourself CoreXY V1.1 Direct Extrusion

Comprehensive, 80 pages, BUILDING MANUAL in English and German that will provided you every information needed in order to easily build and get it running a 3D printer with the following specifications:

-CoreXY architecture
-Aluminum frame 20×20 Nut 5
-Guides from IGUS
-Assembly parts from PETG (3D printed)
-Frame dimensions 508x460x480mm (L x B x H)
-Total exterior dimensions: 550x460x780mm (L x B x H)
-Working volume: 220x220x240mm (L x B x H)
-The filament spool is inside
-Print Bed automatic alignment
-Permanent printing surface: 220x220x6mm
-Motherboard: Rumba Board
-Titan Extruder with 0.4mm nozzle
-Heatbed: max. 130 ° C
-Extrusion temperature: max. 300 ° C
-Power supply: 230V / 24V 400W
-Interface: USB or SD-Card
-Precision in XY: 0.1 mm
-Resolution: 0.05-0.3 mm
-Firmware: Marlin

>>> I M P O R T A N T <<<
Aside to this Building Manual there are provided some more additional things that are crucial in order to build the 3D Printer:

-STL-files for all 3D printed components (STL Format)
-Bill of Materials with suggested internet links to buy (PDF Format)
-Preconfigured MARLIN 1.1.8 Firmware
-Preconfigured SETTINGS for Slic3r software
-This Building Manual also in PDF Format

To get the above mentioned content, use the D o w n lo a d L i n k on the LAST PAGE of the Manual.

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