BQ Easy Go Printing Materials PLA bq 1.75mm Fluorescent, green

BQ PLA Printing Filament (1.75mm) Contains 1kg of Filament (Fluorescent Green)

Product Features

  • Compatible with any printer that uses 1.75mm filament
  • Colour: Fluorescent Green

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2 thoughts on “BQ Easy Go Printing Materials PLA bq 1.75mm Fluorescent, green”

  1. Fantastic Value! I run a 3D Printing Service and have used tonnes of filaments, whilst I am now switching to mostly recycled filaments where possible I have used so much of this product in the past that I thought I should put in a review. I’ll start by saying I really don’t see how it has had any low reviews at such a cheap price point, normally I’d say you get what you pay for but in this case the actual filament is as good as much more expensive suppliers, there are just a few issues with the spool itself…

  2. Sweet spool winding! Sometimes a product surprises you and a review is required !I’ve never used chilament before (cheap filament), I usually stick to the mid or upper end paying 20 or 34 quid for a kilo of 1.75mm PLA. I was printing some white-house xmas tress soI needed some blood red and this caught my eye.Yes, its on a smallish reel thats a bit tighter than the rest and it can ping a bit. I just have it on a desk spike behind the printer, it’s feeding perfectly well. If this annoys you,…

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