BIBO 2 3D Printer Sturdy Frame Dual Extruder WIFI Touch Screen Cut Printing Time In Half Filament Detect Demountable Glass Bed

BIBO 2 Touch X is the most featured printer.Now order the BIBO 2 Touch X, we will send you the WIFI module (£5, pre-installed) and engraving module as the gifts.

1=3? Yes, 1 × BIBO 2 Touch X =1 × engraver + 2 × 3D printers(copy printing can print two same objects at the same time)

Machine Parameter
Extruder Number: 2
Sturdy Frame: 6mm thick aluminum composite panel. More reliable and higher precision than plastic frame
Full-color Touch Screen: Yes
WIFI Control: Yes
Copy Printing: Yes
Continue Printing After Power Cut: Yes
Filament Run-out Detection: Yes
Removable Heated Bed: Yes (already leveled, usually no need to level it again)
Number of Fan to Cool Plastic extruded: 2

Connectivity: SD card, USB flash drive, USB, WiFi
Machine Size:18.4*14*14.7(in)

Printing Parameter
Build Size :8.4*7.3*6.3(in) / 214*186*160(mm)
Printing Layer Resolution: 0.05-0.3mm
Max. Nozzle Temp.:270℃
Recommended Software: Repetier-Host, Cura, Simplify3D
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
Filament Type:ABS, PLA, Dissolvable filament (HIPS),Flexible filament(TPU)
Filament Diameter:1.75mm

SHOPPING NOW! You can get these gifts:
1 x engraving module
1 x spare USB cable
1 x WIFI module (pre-installed)
1 x acrylic cover kit (assembly required)
2.2 LBS (1.0KG)PLA filament
1 x SD card
1 x glass bed

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Best multi-featured 3d printer rated by
7*12 hours fast response
Warranty:12 months(extruder is 90days, no warranty for gifts)

Product Features

  • Full Color Touch Screen: with no threshold,which is more friendly and easier operation
  • Filament detection: if the filament spool runs out during printing, the machine automatically pauses for you to load in a fresh spool, very useful for big volume object printing
  • WIFI Control: the included networking feature permits you to control the print via a phone or PC
  • Copy printing: dual extruders can print two same objects at one time, cut your printing time at least in HALF
  • Dual Extruder: allows you print the object in two color and print the dissolvable filament for printing support material

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  1. One thing I’ve noticed over the month I’ve had this machine is that parts I print out today look better than those I printed earlier I was looking for a first 3D printer that didn’t come in kit form that could print in a variety of materials, including ABS, which requires a heated bed. Bibo printed virtually straight out of the box. Those first prints showed me the magic a 3D printer could perform. It fired my imagination and I now can’t stop thinking about how I can use my creativity in a way that wasn’t possible before. The possibilities are endless. Stuff that I thought could never be repaired and had to be thrown out can…

  2. Great printer – awesome value! This is a great 3D printer, especially for the price. The enclosure is really solid and everything is super easy to set up. It comes with spare parts in case anything goes wrong, and the documentation and tutorial videos are straightforward, comprehensive and easy to understand. I’m using it with SketchUp and Simplify3D, and it works great! It only took a few hours to get my first model printed, and now I’m experimenting with more complicated prints. I’m having a blast and can see that this…

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