PoPprint Extruder Pulley 36Teeth Bore 5mm Stainless Steel Drive Gear for 1.75mm & 3mm Filament 3D Printer (Pack of 5pcs)

Teeth number:36T 
Outer diameter:11 mm 
Bore: 5mm 
Height:11 mm 
Material: Stainless steel 
Net Weight: 5g/pcs

Package Including:

Product Features

  • Durable and flexible performance
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Teeth number: 36T
  • Outer diameter: 11 mm
  • Bore: 5mm

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Gaoxing Tech. 5PCS Leveling Component Suite M3 Screw Leveling Spring Leveling Knob For 3D Printer Accessories


Material: Stainless steel
Size: M3 x 40mm
Usage: 3D printing

Package included:

5 x Leveling Components M3 screw

Product Features

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: M3 x 40mm
  • Usage: 3D printing

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10 Pieces 0.4mm Carbide PCB Drill Bits, Print Circuit Board Mini CNC Drilling Bit Set, Woodworking Tools, Drill Bits for 3D MakerBot Printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit

Suitable Materials:

1. PCB, normal FR-4, CEM-3 boards, environmental protection board, SMT, CNC, molds, plastic, stainless steel and precision hardware processing;
2. Circuit board, carbon fiber, composite board, and so on.
3. Cutting Diameter: 0.4mm
4. Total Length: Approx.38.1mm
5. Shank Diameter: Approx.3.175mm(1/8″)


(1) Precision machining by high accurate equipment;
(2) With good milling and cutting performance, ensuring high efficiency;
(3) High hardness, wear resistance, and intensity; anti-bending;
(4) To removing chips, with big space and small resistance;
Smooth chip removal, less heating value, to reduce pollution;
(5) Sharp cutting edge, reduce cutting force, lower breaking rate and improve the quality of hole wall;
(6) Symmetrical cutting blade, help to high effective cutting, avoiding drilling offset.

Package Includes:
10 x (0.4mm) Drill Bit

Please kindly note:
Don’t use the drill to clean until the nozzle is heated to above 200 degrees!

Product Features

  • Suitable for circuit boards, electronic, SMT, mold, metal processing, telecommunications and other industries .
  • Bit chip space is large: small chip resistance, chip and smooth, heat a small drill, drill reduce pollution;
  • Extraordinary cutting edge sharpness: As a result of nanotechnology and advanced grinding technology, bit more sharp cutting edge than before, can reduce the cutting force, reduce the broken drill rate, improve the hole wall quality;
  • Cutting edge strictly symmetrical: beneficial and efficient cutting, avoid offset drilling.
  • 0.4mm Tenacity Cleaning Nozzle Drill Bit Kit For Sharp For 3D Printer The Nozzles Accessories

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