Alian 13Pcs Aluminum Alloy Portable Universal Precision Tool Set 3D Printer Accessories Screwdriver Set

Product information:

Name: 13PC Hobby Knife Set Mutifunction Crafts Carving Cutter 3D Print Cleaning Kit Graver Sculpting Art Tool Set with Storage


This incredibly cheap knife set is exactly what you need. It has standard exchangeable blades with 6 widths and 7 narrow ones. Blade holder in 3 sizes, the largest of which has a handy screwdriver handle. It’s all in a customized plastic box with a magnetic

Slip into the cover to securely hold the extra blades in place. Very sharp.

Features :

(1) .3 precision knife

– 1/4 “aluminum collet and slim metal handle

– 3/8 “aluminum collet and slim metal handle

– 3/8 “aluminum collet and non-rolling plastic handle

(2) 13 sized blades

(3) Practical plastic storage box for easy storage and transportation

3D Print Clean-Up Kit makes it easy and safe to trim the finished models with precision and safety! Place your model on the cutting pad to protect your furniture and ensure that the knife blades remain sharp. Work everywhere!

Product Features

  • Ideal for 3D printing cleaning and crafting
  • Complete size and wide application
  • Easy to grip with a screwdriver handle for easy grip
  • A versatile carving knife for all your needs
  • This compact and durable multipiece set – self-healing cutting pad can be used anywhere, easy to carry

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