1 kg. Skin FlexiSMART 1.75 mm Flexible filament TPE for 3D Printer

FlexiSMART is a flexible filament suitable for 3d printers of FFF technology. It is made from a thermoplastic elastomer specially formulated to print with excellent aesthetic and mechanical properties. Pieces printed with FlexiSMART are elastic and they recover their original shape after subjecting them to traction or pressure. FlexiSMART is a filament that can be extruded in a temperature range between 210 ┬â-‘ and 230 ┬â-‘. Also it can be printed without warm bed because the grip is excellent. FlexiSMART can be used in any FFF 3D printer at a speed between 30 and 50 mm / s. But depending on the extruder used, the speed can be increased above 100 mm / s.

Product Features

  • 1Kg of Skin FlexiSMART 1.75mm
  • Flexible Filament for FFF 3D printer (Reprap, Makerbot, Ultimaker, Witbox, Prusa, etc…)
  • Designed to be easy to use and to avoid clogging
  • FlexiSMART should be printed between 195-210�C
  • It prints elastic objects with a great finish

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  1. 1.75mm FlexiSMART Black flexible filament Information is a little limited on this filament unless you can read spanish but essentially a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material.But to mention that I did have to add a small adaption to my Makerbot Replicator 2, by adding a small piece of thin walled plastic pipe to cover the hot end securing screw (in between the hob drive and the start of the hot end assembly) which allowed a piece of 2mm bowden tube to be inserted into it. I then trimmed the end of the bowden tube to match…

  2. Flexible Filament that prints without a Flexible Extruder on my Dremel 3D 40. Background**************I bought this to begin experimenting with printing fingers and hands out of a combination of PLA and a flexible filament, in this case TPE.The Filament/reel***************The filament is on a very small reel, measuring just 100mm in diameter by around 56/57 mm deep (it kinda has a ridge on the reel)Centre hole is a very small 16.8 mm.I generally found the TPE measured at 1.67mm so be warned.Printing…

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