Pxmalion PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills, 960 Feet, 24 Colors, 40 Feet Each, 1.75mm PLA Filament Pack, Net Weight 980g, Includes Stencils eBook

A Save-You-Money 3D Filament Set with 24 colors. It measures 40ft per each color. You will have a total set of 960ft.

PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic. It is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane and doesn’t give off an evil smell when printing with it. As a result, PLA based 3D printer filaments are much more user friendly than other plastic materials. It is safer regarding emissions in the home and classroom. Non-toxic 3d filaments Set, more safer than ABS material, no odor as well.

Multi-Colors and Super Length

This set comes with 24 different colors. Each color measures 40 feet, a total of 960ft.

#1 Colors: Pink/ Blue/ Yellow/ Gold/ Red/ Silver/ Black/ White/ Clear
#2 Colors: Hot Pink/ Medium Orchid/ Deep Sky Blue/ Dark Orange/ Rosy Brown/ Bronze Metal/ Dark Gray
#3 Colors: Medium Slate Blue/ Aqua/ Lime/ GreenYellow/ Fluorescent Yellow/ Papaya Whip/ Light Salmon/ Light Goldenrod

Attentive Selection of Packaging

– Each color is packed in vacuum sealed plastic bag with desiccant to prevent humidity and ensure the best printing performance.
– Each color is labeled with corresponding color name, so it’s easy for you to find the exact color you want.
– Comes with Pxmalion custom designed packaging box with user-friendly opening. It’s a cool choice as gift for your children or friends.


– Material: PLA
– Color: 24 colors including one Fluorescent Yellow and one Metallic Brown
– Length: 40 feet per color, total 960 feet
– Diameter (Tolerance): 1.75 mm
– Net Weight: 980 g
– Compatible: Compatible with 3D printer and 3D printing pen

Product Features

  • 24 Colors & 40 feet Each Color – Pink/ Hot Pink/ Medium Orchid/ Medium Slate Blue/ Aqua/ Deep Sky Blue/ Blue/ Lime/ GreenYellow/ Yellow/ Gold/ Red/ Fluorescent Yellow/ Dark Orange/ Rosy Brown/ Papaya Whip/ Light Salmon/ Light Goldenrod/ Bronze Metal/ Dark Gray/ Silver/ Black/ White/ Lucency
  • User Friendly Material – The sample pack is made by biodegradable thermoplastic PLA material, derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. It is safer regarding emissions in the home and classroom.
  • High Precision – Along with a diameter tolerance of +/- 0.03mm, the stability control is highly assured. The consistency of the round diameter provides optimum flow through the extruder, tube and nozzle.
  • Universally Compatible – It can be used for most types of 3D printers and 3D printing pens, it’s also excellent for detailed and demanding applications.
  • Easy to Print – We provide free ebook for you so you can enjoy printing instantly. Please download our free ebook via the link: https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/pxmalion/3D+Printer/Stencil+Ebook+Bonus.zip

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FFFworld 3D printing toolkit – Set of 5 special tools for use with 3D printers – Nozzle cleaning, parts dettachment.

Product Features

  • Metal tweezers: These tweezers are mainly used to remove traces of material that accumulate in the nozzle.
  • Lever for removing parts: This tool facilitates the task of detaching the printed parts from the base.
  • Mini pliers with shear: Mini pliers with double function. They are used to remove the supports of the pieces. Its shape and size allow the removal of internal supports. The wire cutter is also ideal for cutting filament.
  • Multi-purpose blade: This blade has no edge but is very practical to remove burrs and improve imperfections of printed parts. It also helps to separate the pieces of the printing base used in conjunction with the lever for removal of parts.
  • 2 x Nozzle clean needle: 2 flexible needles for nozzle cleaning, very useful in case of jams and for general maintenance of the printer.

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