3D Printer DIY-I3 Desktop DIY 3D Printer Self-Assembly Prusa i3 Kit High Precision 3D Printers with LCD Screen 3d Printer Kit, Tigtak (Platform Size 200 * 200 * 180MM)

Printing Method / Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.011mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Filament types: ABS / PLA

Operating System: XP / Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit / 64-bit) / Mac
Control software: CURA
File formats: STL, G-code, OBJ

Maximum heating bed temperature: around 130 ° C
Maximum extruder temperature: around 260 ° C

Electrical information:
Power supply: DC 12V / 20A
Input: 110V / 220V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Output: DC12V
Connectivity: USB, SD card (supports stand-alone printing)

Mechanical information:
Housing: laser-cut wooden plates with
Construction board shape: Super-level aluminum plate + MK2A heating bed
XYZ Axles: wear-resistant, rust-free, V2A
Stepper motors: 1.8 ° step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
Physical structure: Reprap

Physical Dimensions & Weight:
Dimensions: 510x 400 x 415 mm
Dimensions with coil: 450 x 440 x 680 mm
Dimensions shipping box: 510 x 430 x 220 mm
Print size: 200 x 200 x 180mm
Net weight: 9kg

List of packaging:
1. All mounting accessories
2. All tools for assembling
3. CD * 1
4. filament * 4

1. Become the installation step book and the user manual in the CD card and YOUTUBE included, so please do not do any Concern for the installation. We have the detailed installation video with it Can you look how to configure the 3d printer and how to use the 3d printer engine.
2. Customer Service: If you have any questions with our product Feel free to contact us, we answer in ASAP.”

Product Features

  • 【Advanced technology】 Custom MK8 nozzles, rugged and compact spindles, advanced high speed motors, advanced motherboards, superior power system, 3D filaments for ABS, PLA, HIP, PP, nylon and many other models.
  • 【Operating System and Work Environment】: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. Temperature: 0 – 30 degrees Celsius, Humidity: 20 – 50 degrees Celsius
  • 【Printing Area】 200 x 200x 180mm wood for aerospace, insulation and stability as the strength of Ken double raised. Maintain a perfect design feel and handmade charm.
  • 【Unassembled DIY Kit】 It’s an unassembled DIY kit that will give you a memorable 3D printer that provides a step-by-step learning experience from the ground up. As long as you are passionate about creativity, this product is your choice!
  • 【6 months warranty】: TIGTAK will take over the free repair or replacement of spare parts for A8 Y8-3D printer. If you need to replace parts, TIGTAK will provide the parts free of charge. This includes the motherboard, the motor, the extruder or the power supply. Buy the TIGTAK 3D printer for lifetime technical support and customer service!

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CCTREE Creality Upgraded 3D Printer Ultra Base Bed Glass Build Surface for Ender 3

Temperature settings for different filaments:
1. PLA:50-70ºC.
2. Flexible filament: 50-70ºC.
3. ABS: 100-125ºC (110ºC is recommended).
4. PC: 100-130ºC (120ºC is recommended).
5. Nelon: 90-120ºC (110ºC is recommended).
6. PP: 100-130ºC (120ºC is recommended).
7. PETG: 50-70ºC.
Material: (Special glass + microporous coatings).
Item size: (235 x 235 x 4 mm).
Package includes:
1 x glass.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhesion: Ultrabase covered by microporous coating, shows strong adhesion in printing. Easy to take off models by hand or with a little help from the scrapper for very large models.
  • Integrated with heated bed: Super flatness, fast and uniform heating.
  • Durable: The special coating is inorganic and has a hardness of 8 Mohs, and it is capable to work at 400ºC.
  • Easy to clean: easy to clean by alcohol/water.
  • Suitable for Ender 3

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SODIAL 3D Printer MK8 Remote Extruder Accessories Aluminum Alloy Left Hand Arm Bracket Part For 1.75mm Filament Extrusion 3D Printers Parts

Color: black + yellow + red
material: metal
Package Contents:
1*MK8 extruder DIY kits (Left hand version)
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Product Features

  • Type: Left Hand
  • Parts: Screw Spring Connectors Bearing Ball Pulley Gasket Bracket

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SIQUK 4 Pcs TL Smoother Addon Module 3D Printer Accessories Filter for Pattern Elimination Motor Clipping Filter 3D Pinter Motor Drivers

SIQUK 4pcs TL Smoother Addon Module 3D Printer Accessories Filter

Size: TL smoother: 40mm * 30mm ,dupont wires length: 150mm

Package Included
4 x 3D Printer TL Smoother
4 x dupont wires

Product Warranty

SIQUK are devoted to offer premium quality products to all cherished customers. Meanwhile supply 45 days money back guarantee and 18 months warranty.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us, SIQUK Customer Service Team will spare no efforts to assist with you within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • TL-Smoother: the TL-smoother filter moduleis an addon module for 3D printer stepper motor drivers, the board provide flyback diodes(freewheeling) for the motor outputs, and protect the inductance voltages of the driver in the unpowered status
  • Function: this TL-smoother module mainly used for the vibration of the 3D printer in parallel structure, and it can eliminate the uneven signal wave at low speed effectively and achieve the signal wave of relative voucher
  • Applicability: you will get smoother movement especially on the delta-style 3D printer under DVR8825 stepper drivers or A4988 / 2 drivers. I3 and UM models can also be used, and different machines will have different clipping effects
  • Connection:connect the TL-smoother module to the corresponding position of the motherboard’s drive socket and motor, or you can cut the motor wire into two pieces and soldering the board between them and then will achieve better conductivity
  • Package: 4 pcs TL smoother addon module, 4 pcs dupont wires

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